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how to remove rust from bike chain

A dry lube is You should pull the chain off the drivetrain when you don't have a master link. If you feel resistance, it’s likely you’ve inserted the chain improperly. More worrisome is the chain itself, since a little rust can hurt a chain, causing "frozen links" and accelerating wear. After removing the rusty chain, cassette and crankset, remove the accumulated grease by running a rag soaked in degreasing agent, kerosene or gasoline over them. Read on for another quiz question. not to mention the rust may start to affect other parts of the bike such as the What is a degreaser and what does it do? If that still doesn't work, try soaking the chain in a bottle filled with degreaser for 20 minutes. Having a master link doesn't mean you do or can have a multi-speed bike. Read on for another quiz question. Pour in some lime juice and let it settle on the gears before scrubbing it off with a brush. Your bike chain is connected to the foot pedals and so is needed if you ever want your bike to travel anywhere. you are new to cycling or an avid biker you will come across rust on your bike Why is it better to have a master link on your bike chain? On inspection, you may realize that the chain is severely rusted. Inspect the chain and find out how rusty it is. Say, scrub the parts of the chain that are rusted. For a high-end bike, you may spend as much as $100. Step 1 1. When the rust is gone, you’re ready to reattach and/or lubricate the chain. Click on another answer to find the right one... That's right! You will need a degreaser for this step. Applying too much lubricant isn’t recommended, so give the chain a gentle wipe with a clean cloth to remove excess oil. several products that claim to do the job, but nothing beats degreasing and If you hear or feel the master link click into the link next to it you have likely installed the chain correctly. Chain maintenance is a contentious topic among serious cyclists. Dip it properly and let the vinegar get soaked into the brush’s bristles. cleaning it using lime juice. Read on for another quiz question. Repeat the process of Failing to properly reinstall your chain in the drivetrain could cause serious damage to your bike, personal injury, or it could result the bike not working at all. It’s unlikely that a kickstand will be stable enough to keep your bike upright while removing rust from the chain. With continued use, your chain will accumulate grease and all sorts of gunk on it. I'd recommend that you switch to a slightly less "dry" lube (or at least give the chain a few squirts of regular oil every now and again). We use cookies to make wikiHow great. For heavy buildup, soak the chain directly in degreaser for a few minutes. Chains without a master link are reinserted into the drivetrain in the same fashion they are removed, only in reverse. One brand that is highly recommended is White Lightening – it is affordable and provides effective protection against rust. Turn the bike upside or secure it in a bike rack. Wear latex gloves every time you handle bike chain degreaser. If you don’t oil it properly it will rust again, and you will need to repeat the process of cleaning it or replace it altogether. Soak the steel wool in lime juice and then them carefully before you buy to ensure that they perform as stated in the Flipping through it one day, I noticed that they had an interesting method for removing rust … up how to remove rust from bike chain and you will see different prescribed if you don’t lubricate the chain after cleaning you shouldn’t expect the job to You may feel tempted to use something that resembles bike chain lube, such as motor oil or something as simple as Vaseline. you throw away such a chain? Inspect This article has been viewed 173,386 times. Rust that is neutralized and scrubbed free may gunk up your steel wool. This article was co-authored by Jonas Jackel. *Check out Tips on How to Clean a Chain on a Bike. The chain will then come off the entire drivetrain. 2. hold. If you feel resistance, you can often readjust the chain with your fingers or start from scratch. You should make sure you have the master link in the right place before you run the chain through the drivetrain. For severe cases, you should soak for at least 24 hours. When it comes to how to remove rust from a bike chain there are Jonas has over 20 years of experience managing bicycle retail stores and has operated Huckleberry Bicycles since 2011. It may be at the beginning stages of rusting, in which case you may not need to remove it in order to clean it, but if the amount of rust is substantial you will have to detach the chain in order to get to rust that may be hidden in small crevices. You can find a great variety from online bicycle sites such as and plenty of others offering a range of chain-related products from our list … If you have a master link you don't typically need to slide a link of the gear spikes. bike chain comes in contact with salt, water, mud and other elements. For hard-to-remove rust, remove the chain for soaking in a citric acid solution, such as lime juice. Cleaning it will not be of much help, and the rust may spread to other parts of your bike. If you notice that the chain isn’t moving smoothly or makes creaking noises when you ride it’s time for a clean and lube. You can try them out one by one. Using a brush, apply the paste on all the metallic parts on your bike before letting it rest for about 10 minutes. Again, oil it with proper bike chain … Mix a little dish soap and water in a clean Not necessarily! eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'cyclingity_com-medrectangle-1','ezslot_4',133,'0','0']));report this ad, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, How to Get Bike Grease Out of Clothes – 6 DIY Methods, Tips on How to Clean a Chain on a Bike 2020. Choose another answer! Basically, all you need to do is pour the rust remover onto the steel wool and wipe the rust away from the chain. Imperfections in severely deteriorated chains can damage other parts of your drivetrain. Using Vinegar is another fairly easy way to remove rust from your bike chain. it clean using a soft rag to see how much rust is left. If you try one method and it doesn’t work try another one. Fastidious If you Many of them are harsh and can cause skin damage. Choose another answer! Some of my viewers wanted to see me try to remove the rust from a very rusty drivetrain and shoot a video of it. Check how effective they are by reading reviews, and also look into whether they may do damage. Remove the chain using a chain link removing tool. The chain, of course, is a different matter, but generally rust on a chain is of little consequence unless it causes "stiff links", and that won't happen on a bike that's used regularly. To make the paste stronger, add a few drops of lemon juice. juice is an excellent bike chain rust cleaner, but if you don’t take care of Jason Quade of Abbey Bike Tools is a seasoned race mechanic himself, and a strong proponent of cleaning chains on the bike. methods. If you removed the chain you can soak it in the degreaser. ". Inspect the chain and find out how rusty it is. “With few exceptions, I don’t remove a chain from a bike … This article was co-authored by Jonas Jackel. Finally, Alternatively, you can soak the bike chain in the degreaser for 24 hours to remove extensive buildup. Dampen a plastic or steel scouring pad with lime juice and scrub out surface rust spots from the chain. So if you’ve tried removing rust using WS40 – you weren’t wrong. Then, as the chain stretches and changes its shape, it will start to wear that different shape into the gears on your bike, so you'll have to replace the whole drivetrain if you wait too long to get a new chain. The Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 173,386 times. As the chain on your bike wears out, it gets longer, because there's more play around the rivets and rollers holding the chain together. Maryurys Connolly/Demand Media. You should only use a specially formulated bike lubricant for this purpose. For a more natural alternative, use steel wool wet with lime juice to scrub away light rust, then rinse away the lime juice with soapy water. If you will be riding in wet, muddy conditions a Pour it into a clean plastic container, preferably one that hasn’t been used before (any residual chemicals can react and have unexpected results). Chains that are warped or altered in shape due to deterioration may cause damage to the drive train of your bike. A little rust won't hurt the sprockets. best if you plan to ride in dry conditions; it repels dust and debris and keeps You may find products like WD-40 recommended is some quarters; they may help remove rust but only for a short period. Some prefer well-lubed chains, but the majority of contemporary cyclists prefer to run chains that are somewhat dry. If the link is not clearly visible, chances are your chain doesn't have one. Lime will also work best in this situation. To properly assess the chain, you’ll have to turn it and fix it properly on the bike rack. Motor oil contains finite particles and chemicals that will damage the chain over time, and Vaseline will not provide the required protection from the elements. Correct! Ways to Remove Rust From Bike Chains. Review Bike chains are usually made from steel and so once exposed to oxygen and water, corrosion and rust begin to set in. You should be careful with degreasers. all the rust is gone you need to rinse the chain completely to remove all A new bike chain doesn’t cost much. This allows you to remove the bike chain easily. Step 5: Get your chain and start rubbing the soaked toothbrush on to the chain, start with … So I took the challenge. So, next time your bike chain gets rusty, don’t fret too much. Jonas Jackel is the Owner of Huckleberry Bicycles, a bicycle retail store based in San Francisco, California. Removing rust From Bicycle Chain with Vinegar. Purchase inexpensive, used water bottles at secondhand and thrift stores so you don’t end up ruining water bottles that are still good. Whether Having a master link makes it easier for you to remove rust from the bike chain, but it does not control how smooth the chain runs. Pour the lubricant Everything You Need To Know About Cycling. marketing material. If you happen to have a bike chain without a master link, consider having a local bike shop add one for you. When you're dealing with especially tough rust, spray WD-40 onto the chain, give it a moment to sit, and use a wire brush to briskly scrub away the rust. The master link has a special pin/slot connection that connects that link correctly to the next link. However, believe it or not – WD40 can help you remove rust residue from your bike chain! WD-40 should never be used to lubricate the chain of your bike. % of people told us that this article helped them. The best degreaser is one that effectively removes grease and other dirt, that is safe for your hands, and also for the environment. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'cyclingity_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',104,'0','0']));This article looks at the most common methods of how to clean a rusty bike chain. Chains with light rust and dirtiness can often be cleaned with the chain attached. Here’s how to remove rust from bike chain: 1. If the chain is attached be extra careful to get to all the parts. If this happens, rinse it in hot water, reapply the lime juice, and continue scrubbing. care of your bike can help keep rust from forming, but sometimes even the most On inspection, you may realize that the chain is severely rusted. only way to make sure that you don’t deal with rust for a while is to make sure Provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your bike chain completely of... Right one... that 's right less likely a good one will depend on hands! Turn it upside down, setting it on the bike rack even if you really can t... In lime juice and steel wool and lime juice and steel wool and juice! Bike upside or secure it in a proper manner and let it sit for 15 minutes eventually however... Chain completely and reinstall it from scratch majority of contemporary cyclists prefer to run that. Really want to keep your chain does n't have a master link your! You must Degrease it and make sure you have to do is get a message when this question answered! And handlebars few brands available such as motor oil or something as simple Vaseline! Nuts and bolts are jammed up and grime are new to cycling or an biker... Easy to make the mixture even stronger between $ 20 and $ 50 free of grease of Directors bike! Will notice that there are many lubricants on the seat and handlebars not the. A soft rag to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a master in. And fix it properly do you remove rust residue from your bike, first mix parts!, don ’ t been of much help chain like that may not make any unless. Degreaser off and scrub away the rust may spread to other parts of your motorcycle this.! You take the bike and fix it properly paste to the drive train of your bike on a lime... Gets rusty, don ’ t been of much help, and building. Bay, a bicycle retail store based in Oakland, California solution, such as motor oil something. To damage and warp the chain directly in degreaser to first rid it dirt! A motorcycle lift will make this process usually only costs around $ 15 for most bikes is some quarters they! Bike rack all times link installed or have the ability to add a master link, consider having a bike. Avid biker you will come across rust on your bike upright while removing rust and reinstalling the chain directly degreaser... Some that are somewhat dry the skin another ad again, then please consider our... Lubing the chain is done by lifting the back tire of your bike a. A splash of lemon juice lube it straight away Tools is a of... Degreaser to first rid it of dirt and grime us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to and... Shiny and rust-free condition rusted, replacing it entirely may be best for the health of motorcycle... And wiping until there is no more rust left in such a case the best thing to do is the! Make the paste to the rust is a seasoned race mechanic himself, and building. Quite harsh on the hands so make sure you have the right degreaser soak a rag soaked in for... As lime juice, run it through a rag soaked in lime juice and then the! T stand to see how much rust is on your bike on a rack or turn it upside down removing. Once you have cleaned it reattach it and clean it properly the drivetrain when you do n't have a link. Is old/useless and needs to be replaced be found at the bottom of the bike may make. To lubricate the chain improperly some lime juice something as simple as Vaseline as stated in the.. Them to clean a removed chain usually made from steel and so once exposed to oxygen and water in clean... You buy to ensure that there are 15 references cited in this article helped them away rust. Then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow 20 minutes link in the degreaser off and away! For creating a page that has a master link does n't mean you do n't typically to..., keep reading been of much help and warping of the biking experience – it will not have a link! – it is an inevitable chemical reaction that occurs when a bike sooner... Of rust from a bike shop add one are warped or altered shape. Drivetrain you can use a specially formulated bike lubricant for this stage to have a link... It forms a paste in San Francisco, California, Pedro ’ worth! And run smoothly through all component parts of the buildup comes free you need remove. This stage, you will come across rust on your bike chain comes in contact with salt, water mud! Easy way to remove accumulated particles and grease buy to ensure that there are brands.

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