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trump tower phone number

He gave up alot to help America because because he loved our county Trump Tower, home to the corporate offices of The Trump Organization, is one of Manhattan’s most iconic buildings. I would most appreciate a chance to join your team to accomplish whatever it is you endeavor to do at this point. Once ‘We the People’ know the truth, we will take it from there. Services. B. May GOD bless you and Liberals are destroying our country. Thank you for caring enough for this country to want to try and make a difference. Then again, what if you decided it be same MIND GAMES just being referred herein to that you love playing? WE respectfully pray that you to grant us the same recognition, WE have waited for years. View this page to find contact information and look into the … Thank you for giving corporations a reason to come back to America to make our own products and put Americans back to work. GEORGIA TRIBE OF EASTERN CHEORKEE.COM That way as they start counting they won’t have an idea of how many fraudulent votes they will need to win until its too late. i pray and cry for you everyday. I would tell him how honored and grateful our sad nations feels. I am so sorry that they treated you so badly and don’t ever think about the media…they are a JOKE! WE LOVE YOU! You rattled their cage and they were furious. SKY by way of your human sixth sense [INITUTION] and seventh sense [THOUGHTT You will ALWAYS be my President. Donald Trump’s signature is very strange! Let’s see how much of a man you are now, You are not alone gods is not thru with you many of us want you to use your one order and declare Marshall law and bring these people to Justice as only the military can do you are not and will not be alone we pray for you and with you these people must answer for what they are and have been doing. No one should fear the truth. It is refreshing to have respect and truth in the WH now. The facts are, from someone who lives in a battleground state, Joe Biden is NOT President elect. Millions of dollars are going to other countries instead of here to the United States. I’m a stay home mother of 4 who has just done my own homework to teach my children the TRUTH in this world of, “If I say it loud and long enough you must believe its true!” Um, reality check that’s not how truth works! Schumer is no better and that bug-eyed Schiff. Then he failed big time with doing nothing to slow the spread of the Pandemic. GAMES. I hate the way the Dems are treating him. I know that there was massive fraud, and I’m pissed that it’s all been buried. Donald Trump Jr, the leopard-shooting firstborn son of Donald Trump, fell for the dumbest prank in human history today. There is far more of us that love and support you than they are of them. 11.3;JOHN 14.1-3;PSALMS;122;126;127;GENESIS 28.12-22;49.10,24; You stopped the fight when it no longer was productive and you did so with finesse and grace the likes of which I’ve never seen. We'd love to hear from you! That is going to leave them no choice but to kill him! We are aware of the injustices being set upon your back and your precious wife and family. You were abused non stop for 5 years and in spite of it all you accomplished more in 4 years than any other President before you. #45 will fit in there. No other President has done so much in such a short time to make America great again! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I support him strongly in his current pursuits, along with his legal teams. Section 7 of the massive order, which includes the revocation of the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline, also revokes several climate and energy-focused executive orders penned by the Trump administration. Most of the senate members received a standard email, here is what I said; I am writing you today, as a middle-age, white American female from Texas in an effort to have a voice in what is going on in our country today. #ivankatrump #trumppresidency, Donald Trump Sep-Pro Systems – Gas, Oil, “Reverse Osmosis & Salt”. You are not only funny, but the strongest leader we have ever had. God Bless you and God Bless the United States of America William Gleason. The Dems and the MSM are evil liars and haters of truth. I will continue to pray God’s wisdom for you. SECRET MILITARY DOCUMENTS: Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases ! Washington, DC 20003. This country will never be great again. He is a proud citizen, better than so many of our natural born citizens and very, very supportive and loyal. We must accept the situation”. know what else I can do. 9. Thank you for your never-ending attempts at bringing peace to the Middle East and your support for Israel. 256-565-75xx. You have done so much for us already but I have one last request. Have seen lots of Presidents in my life time, Trump being the best of all. My husband is too. Dear Mr.President, just wanted you to know that I back you 100% and I will vote for you again in 2024. In hindsight, I now fear that is when the door was opened for corruption and SOCIALISM to be taken to new levels within this country. This man of money did not act the part of the politician, The people who did vote for Biden are going to regret it when they realize what they have wrought. ), and created the inept response to Covid 19 which has killed over 350,000 lives of our fellow Americans, Dem & Repuuubs.

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