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shopping speaking questions

department store = large shop with “departments” for men’s clothes, women’s clothes, household objects, etc. By PhilipR. Not for bags, but yes for clothing and jewelry, I have got artificial or fake products. Here's how this quiz works: Every country included in this quiz has listed Spanish as the official language of that country. Listen again and write the missing words. Conversation Questions. Daily English Conversation Practice - Questions and Answers by TopicYou have troubles making real English conversations? Conversation Questions. IELTS Speaking Questions and Topics: In part 1 you talk about familiar topics. Next Story. What kind of shops are there where you live? The first ESL shopping listening exercise is one where you need to listen to some groups of words that have been recorded and then decide which option (A-D) in each question has them listed in the same order. Is it a pleasure or a torture? Cut them up. Total Time: 45-55 mins Level: Beginner-Elementary Part 3 is a discussion. If you could go back to another time and place, what time and place would you choose and why? The vocabulary at the bottom of the page can be matched to the pictures as an icebreaker. Recent posts. Subscribe to get full access to the latest and best resources from Pathways 2; Impact Issues 1; World English 2; Q: Skills for Success 2 Listening and Speaking; Q: Skills for Success 3 Listening and Speaking; Touchstone 2; Touchstone 3; Top Notch 2; Top Notch 3; Newest Additions; Teaching Resources. Also, it is lot more easier to buy books online than offline because there is no hassle of finding that book. Using pictures with the questions gives context. Extend (write) the dialog with your own ideas and perform for another pair of students. What do you think of women who wear short mini-skirts? My favorite eCommerce site has to be flipkart because for online, I mostly prefer buying books and this site offers great deals on books. Students can discuss and answer the questions in groups or in pairs. Because, often when I go to shopping I prefer some quite time to look at the clothes and then pick them up. I enjoy shopping for people I know. I think there is so much more fun when you are out with your friends and try to find out the best and yet the cheapest cloth to wear. Use the ‘Definitions’ section at the bottom of the page to check the meaning of any phrases you don’t understand. I like buying clothes offline, in stores. Read the following IELTS-style questions and answers below and pay attention to the phrases in bold. Answer A:Absolutely! Speaking part 2 is called: “The Talk” A face to face to talk to the examiner (3-4 minutes) You will be given a topic card. A really nice breaker for shopping is brainstorming the meanings and associations of colors. Recent Exam Question in IELTS Speaking Part 3 (Music) Previous Story. Students match the words and expressions to the pictures and then have short conversations. Do you have different feelings about shopping for clothes, shoes, electronic gadgets and food? You would learn asking questions related to, personal information, Introducing yourself and saying hello, Shopping related questions, Questions with the word like and asking for … You can look at the example conversations to see how to use supermarket words when talking about your shopping; you can also watch the conversations as they have been made into short cartoons. What are your feelings about shopping? Shopping is a great way to communicate with lots of different people, and it really helps to boost your confidence in speaking English! Use for debates, discussions, speaking, conversations, independent learning and more. One of the subjects listed in the exam description is SHOPPING. I have designed this PDF for practicing speaking with my pre-intermediate classes. Useful phrases a shop assistant says “Can I help you?” Conversation Questions: Adventure - Press Control + P to print these out. Questions on Styles, Clothing and Fashion-based Stereotypes What would you think of a women who cut off all her hair and went around bald as a fashion statement? Well, I just wanted to say thanks again because … Page 3. Sleep. Some Best Recommended Websites that can Help Accumulate Ideas and … I’ve found it works really well with pictures as the pictures give contexts which are very familiar to most students. Work with a partner. How do you feel about sales people following you and helping you when you shop? chain store = a “brand” that has shops in many different towns, such as “Zara” or “H&M”. When you have finished click the get score button to see how well you did. And, if you subscribe, you will be supporting the eslflow website. 40 Questions to Help You Prepare for the Speaking Test. What’s the worst thing about going shopping? What makes a pleasant shopping experience? Sample questions Let’s talk about shopping. 'SHOPPING LIST' Page 1. This topic can involve different subject areas. Students match the words and expressions to the pictures and then have short conversations. This is an elementary brainstorming exercise that aims to elicit some vocabulary and warm up the students for a lesson about fashion and shopping. I love to shop on the internet because … To see what the scope of the subject might be, have a look at the following questions: This is an elementary ESL shopping expressions and vocabulary exercise for practicing language useful for talking about shopping. I did well and I got an overall of 7.5, which is more than what I needed. This is a pretty fun and engaging way to start a class.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'eslflow_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_10',105,'0','0'])); Brainstorming the meanings of colors(PDF). [Don't memorise answers - it will give a bad impression. Once again try to get as much vocabulary as possible on the word maps  from the students and then ask them to complete the questions at the bottom of the page. This worksheet contains 18 conversation cards, an interview … There are no ads in the newsletter and you will receive entertaining, high quality, and up-to-date teaching resources regularly. Then they can ask and answers questions in pairs or groups. What is your favorite eCommerce site? IELTS Speaking Test has three parts part 1, part 2 and part 3. In this English lesson you will learn asking over 100 basic questions and how to answer them. Have you ever bought any counterfeit products like fake designer bags, clothing, or jewelry? It can make even the same clothes look different. Also, there return policy is quite good making it easier to return and enjoy the book if one likes it. This is a more advanced  exercise for students to talk about shopping choices and preferences. The students also need to understand how to use “Do you prefer…?” and “Would you rather…?”, Fashion choices and preferences brainstorm (PDF), 3  Clothes, Accessories and Fashion Vocabulary and Speaking Exercises, 5 Cool Advertising & Branding Vocabulary & Language Exercises, 6  Describing People and Appearance Vocabulary and Language Exercises, 7 Brainstorming and Speaking Activities for Routines, Interests and Hobbies. When we go out together to shop, we often start off with wearing those weird clothes or matching those clothes together to laugh off at each other. Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes? Start preparing as soon as you are given the card, paper and pen. But, for the ones that I don’t know I don’t prefer very much. How often do you go shopping? Copy the cards on to cardstock (if available) or paper. Read aloud the dialog with a partner. Speaking part 3: in this part of the exam you need to have a conversation with your partner for 2-3 minutes. Listen to the recording and then select which option is correct in each of the 5 questions. Your email address will not be published. All, you need to do is step inside the mall and get whatever you want. Why? ESL Shopping Conversations Questions Activity - Reading, Writing and Speaking - Intermediate (A2-B1) - 30 minutes In this free shopping conversation questions worksheet activity, students complete questions with shopping vocabulary and use the questions to interview a partner. Your email address will not be published. Listening: 7.0 Reading: 8.5 Writing: 7.5 speaking: 7.0 Even though I "succeeded" I think it´s a shame I got 7.0 in listening and speaking. This is an elementary ESL speaking exercise for practicing language useful for talking about shopping. Divide the class into small groups. Discussing the grocery store involves learning the names of foods such as fruits and vegetables, meats, and cheese, as well as discussing money and prices, nutrition and health. Do you like to go shopping? How do you feel about shopping at department stores or malls? However, with time becoming more of a scarcity, we mostly go to branded showrooms where we can easily find clothes and be assured of the quality. It’s possible the examiner may ask you questions about your shopping habits in the IELTS Speaking exam. Also, it is much more easier to match the clothes and buy a set of items together, along with accessories. Polite questions are asked with 'could', 'may', and 'would'.You can also ask for advice in shops using 'should'. Then they can ask and answers questions in pairs or groups.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'eslflow_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_11',111,'0','0'])); This is a really easy elementary exercise for pretty low level English language learners to talk about shopping. Shopping is when you go out to buy something for yourself or for others. Recent Questions IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Shopping and Tourism. You might hesitate or make mistakes to begin with, if you’re a bit nervous, but that’s completely normal. Grocery shopping Everyone has to eat, and learning how to purchase food in English is very important. There is so much that is going on in the head and then that hindrance, becomes annoying. shopping is an IELTS speaking sample post that gives sample questions and answers related to shopping to ensure students score band 9 in IELTS. I prefer buying books online because they are available at a far more cheaper price than when one buys them offline. You will have 1 minute to prepare your talk and then you will need to speak for 1-2 minutes. Use polite questions when shopping or helping a customer in a shop. This is a fairly elementary exercise. Tbh, I'll be impressed if you can name more than 10. It challenges students to understand the context of each picture and complete the speech bubbles. All Questions; Topics; Grammar or vocabulary; Questions for textbooks. She was so very addicted to shopping, that every weekend she would go out and buy something for herself or for her family or friends. It is fine to shop at department stores because then there are so many options that you can directly look at and choose from. Part 1-style questions Try to get as much vocabulary as possible on the word maps  from the students and then ask them to complete the questions at the bottom of the page. What do you think of a man who is bald for fashion's sake? You want to improve your Spoken English quickly? Shopping is a great topic for English language students  as it is universally accessible. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved by Divide your class into pairs or … I often like to make some pictures similar with subtle distinctions so students have to use their critical thinking skills. Buying offline is better because you can actually feel the quality of the cloth before buying it and also how one looks in them. For me, to be able to just hang out with my friends and laugh off at the weird clothes that we choose makes shopping a pleasant experience. Because I know what they like and giving them gifts with a feel of what they like makes it great. Let's Talk about School. I've also written sample answers, because I'm an amazing person. This topic … Part 2 is a talk for 2 minutes on a given topic. All Questions; Topics; Grammar or vocabulary; Questions for textbooks. The questions relate to the Speaking test because this part of the exam offers the broadest range of possible questions on the topic of shopping. You are too busy to join in any English speaking course?Don’t worry. Shopping . Do you like shopping on the internet? One can just get so many things in a mall, from clothes to cookery to shoes to parlor. Yes, I have bought them very many times. I tend to buy things only when they are required. I love buying clothes from the local market. If you are buying an expensive item, do you compare prices at several shops and the internet? You need to suggest the different options, give your opinion about the options, develop the conversation (make it more interesting) and come to a conclusion. Getting Ready; Vocabulary Preview; Listening Comprehension; Page 2. A list of common topics and questions for IELTS speaking part 2. Shopping is one of those topics that easily engages students if you have good exercises at the right level. English lesson on SHOPPING. You, of course, should think up your own answers. Sometimes it is good, because I really don’t understand what to buy and there help makes it lot more easier to buy things, but sometimes it even becomes quite irritating. ESL Conversation Lesson Questions: Free classroom handouts. Then you can do the exercises as a way to practice using the vocabulary and to practice speaking. They give the best opportunity for me to demonstrate the vocabulary and for you to practise using it. Most of the times she would buy moderate costing things, but the joy that she had while shopping and then sharing her stories of how she found a particular thing was amazing. If you know the book, all you need to do is type the name of the book and buy it. Do you know anyone who is addicted to shopping? This is a slightly more advanced ESL shopping expressions and vocabulary exercise. As people get older, they start to appreciate a good night’s sleep more and more. There is always a doubt that they might not love the gift or may be they don’t find it useful. I made a friend during my stint as a blogger in a company. Shopping is a great topic for English language students  as it is universally accessible. Let us today, have a look at some of the questions related to shopping. Pathways 2; Impact Issues 1; World English 2; Q: Skills for Success 2 Listening and Speaking; Q: Skills for Success 3 Listening and Speaking; Touchstone 2; Touchstone 3; Top Notch 2; Top Notch 3; Newest Additions; Teaching Resources. It includes different questions about shopping. The STANAG 6001 speaking exam level 3 TASK TWO, or the so called discussion, can mean discussing various topics ad hoc. IELTS Cue Card: A special cake you made for someone, IELTS Cue Card Sample Answers # Special Day, IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A plan that did not work, IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Colleague, IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Rule in School, IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Garden / Park, Fly to Canada on a Study Visa* during Pandemic – Support Letter, IELTS CUE CARD: SITUATION WHEN YOU HELPED AN OLDER PERSON, IELTS WRITING TASK 1 # MAP Before and After, IELTS Writing Sample Answer # Technology For Communication, Cue Card: A expensive hobby you can’t pursue daily. There are a few ways you can use these questions: What products do you prefer to shop in stores for? Conversation Question Ideas - Small Groups Time: 45-60 minutes Directions: This is a no-brainer. It is expected that the examiner will introduce him/herself first and ask your name and then ask you to confirm your identity. In part 1 of the Speaking test, the examiner will ask 4-6 general questions on familiar topics. The shopping-related questions in this lesson will enable students to learn and practice new vocabulary, pronunciations, and grammar structures. Using pictures  gives context.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'eslflow_com-box-3','ezslot_0',110,'0','0'])); Click on the image or the link to download the printable PDF file. No, not really. Often, termed as something that women prefer more than men, shopping has also been regarded as a stress buster by many psychologist. Here's a list of questions from past First Certificate exams, Cambridge textbooks, and so on. Coronavirus vocabulary and speaking lessons, Elementary conversational expressions and listening exercises. Do you think that men and women have different feelings about shopping? Note: Please let us know latest ielts speaking questions, we will answer. It could be something that is very small or something very big. I think it is cheap and you can buy lot of jewelry allowing you to match them with your clothes. What products do you prefer to shop online for? This is an elementary ESL shopping expressions and vocabulary exercise for practicing language useful for talking about…

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