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is it haram to sell something for a higher price

Setting “too high a price” will be too high a price for you to pay in the end. This hadeeth was classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh In both cases, you end up with ownership of the asset and indebted with the item’s price. however much he wants, then he pays you the price, because Allah says Investment Payouts: An Easy Way to Tell Halal from Haram [Video], Selling on credit for more than cash price, video entitled Islam’s view on debt and interest, Selling for more than cash price: is it Riba? And violated your soul. But with regard to this transaction it is stipulated that the Selling below Cost as a policy. If the seller wants to give him the extra money as a fee, then it is permissible. The high-end market can be intimidating. before he sells it to someone else, because of the report narrated by Can you do the same with Bai Alsalam? Some modern writers have asserted that the prohibition on riba al-qarud relates only to high interest charges and not to all forms of interest. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There is a hadith with a very strong lineage of authentication which says: ((مَنْ بَـاعَ بَيْعَتَيْنِ فِي بَيْـعَةٍ فَلَـهُ أَوْكَسُهُمَا أَوِ الرِّبَا )), “Whosoever makes two sales in one has the right to the lesser of the two prices or has charged riba.”. The only difference between a credit sale and taking a loan from a bank first is that in the case of a credit sale the buyer buys the item and borrows the money from the same party i.e. selling price definition: the price at which something is sold: . Although that doesn’t mean you should be bouncing off the walls with excitement, make sure that whatever it is you choose to sell is something you feel strongly about. Now after making this conclusion, I think it is my duty to examine any opposing arguments to see if they hold any merit. items. Would I need some type of permit or license? What it comes down to is you’re selling on price. What you cannot deny however is that Islam does very clearly and explicitly prohibit contractually guaranteed compensation for lenders. I was confused with this too, but some days ago i found the solution. it is completely permissible for the seller to lend the buyer the price of the purchased item, selling an item on credit at a price greater than the cash price of that item is not permissible because it involves a loan for which the lender is contractually owed a profit. So now it’s clear that the sale of an item on credit is not just one transaction, it is, in fact, two transactions. People don’t want to buy from a lackluster salesman. There is no guarantee that the future price of the item at the time of delivery will actually be less than what was paid for it today. Many of the hadith scholars like ibn serene, imam Sufyan al-thouri, imam alnisaie…explain this hadith as referring to credit sales wherein the seller says the price is so and so if you pay in cash and it is a higher price if you pay in the future. You can't sell something for more than it is worth, because as long as there is no force or fraud, that person won't pay more for it than it is worth to him. Timing your sale to receive a higher price may also conflict with other life priorities like moving for a new job, helping aging family members, or starting a family of your own. and second, if there is a loan of money: is the lender requiring compensation in return for lending their money. So the prophet said: whoever pays in advance for something should specify the quantity of the product and the date that the product needs to be delivered on. To sell the car for a high price, you must have a higher painter level. To further verify the existence of a loan when you buy on credit simply ask yourself, is there any difference between me going to a seller and purchasing something on credit and between me going to a bank first, borrowing the cash price of the item I want to buy and then buying the item with the money I borrowed? But when you sell something on credit for more than its cash price you are receiving a guaranteed profit for acting as a lender. Some of the prospective clients you call on will perceive the ability to lower their costs overall as an outcome for which it is worth paying more. The answer is no because the party promising delivery doesn’t owe any money to the purchaser. Can a shop sell for more than label? If you buy the lowest priced back-up system and it fails in a … Producers are not frightened by this prospect as long as it is possible to sell on the market at a fair price. The impediment to higher prices is the perception of value. By adjusting price and value and developing a variety of options, you will find it easier to defend a higher price. Besides that it is haram to a broker for result of farming such as vegetables and fruits of farmers in the suburbs which will be sold in the city.,becuse it will make its price higher than direct selling The seller or broker should be transparent and honest and do not make so high profit in line with islamic Firstly, in the opinion of many scholars of hadith, it is not true that Islam never prohibited this. This way is the most widespread form of trade. al-Daaraqutni and Abu Dawood (3499) from Zayd ibn Thaabit, that the Prophet In Bai’ Alsalam the financer is not entitled to any money in the future nor is there any guarantee made regarding the future market price of the items to be delivered. This is a genuine dilemma—to lower prices and promote, thus gaining volume, albeit at lower profitability—OR to raise prices and sell less volume, but at a higher profit margin. Contractually requiring a profit for a financier in Islam takes the financing from being permissible to being prohibited riba because this puts undue pressure on the indebted in the case of loss. It is also very positive for my career to be able to show something that is not only smart but can also sell on the market. When you sell at a higher price, you are compared to competitors at all price points, which allows your prospective client to look for differentiation worth paying for. So when searching for riba in the practice of selling an item on credit for a greater price than its cash price, I will attempt to answer two questions: First, Is there a loan of money? So with credit sales, we know that there is a loan and we know that the loan amount is the cash price of the item. To price your home to sell, you have to know the market. At a higher price, you have something to sell. And so it follows that every practice that involves this contractual guarantee of profit for a lender is prohibited. So then the first question we set out to answer: is there a loan of money? Many of the hadith scholars like ibn serene, imam Sufyan al-thouri, imam alnisaie…explain this hadith as referring to credit sales wherein the seller says the price is so and so if you pay in cash and it is a higher price if you pay in the future. View all posts by Rakaan Kayali. 5) Using “The Nibble” Negotiation Tactic. Very often you will find that even if you lowball at a price that seems ridiculous, they will sell it to you for far less than you ever thought you were ever going to have to pay. So now to determine whether the lender is requiring compensation for lending their money we simply ask: is the buyer indebted with more than the cash price of what they bought. For example, a five-quart KitchenAid stand mixer retails on Amazon for about $280. To answer this question we need to determine if the lender requires more than the loan amount to be returned to them. Buy How to Sell Your Home Fast, for the Highest Price in Any Market by online on at best prices. [Article + Video] — Practical Islamic Finance – Ace Financial Advisory Limited. Answer. [1]. So the argument is: since you are allowed to pay in advance for an item at a price that is less than its expected price when the item is scheduled to be delivered to you, doesn’t it follow then that it is ok for the reverse to happen … that is, shouldn’t it also be ok if you are going to receive something today and pay for it in the future that you pay more in the future than its current price? (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) forbade selling goods where they If I had borrowed more than $120, and the price of the phone was $120 in cash, I would have been able to buy the phone and have money left over after I made the purchase. [1]  Kayali, R. (2017, January 13). Almost always, there is a reason for your higher price. [Article + Video], View practicalislamicfinance’s profile on Facebook, View UC9X2RcKN4UUsrFolU04iuTQ’s profile on YouTube, Where Do I buy My Stocks? Likewise, arguments which proposed that fixed interest rates are haram while variable interest rates are halal. So substance always trumps form in Islam. There is no specific limit to profit according to sharee‘ah. 1. And if the part you sell them goes into something they sell for $5,000, then your increase is only .005% of the total price of that item. So in order to ascertain whether a credit sale involves riba or not we need to ask the following question: is the amount of the buyer’s indebtedness greater than the cash price of what they purchased? If they are, then this more than they are indebted with is the seller’s required compensation for lending money to the buyer. who buys it with the price to be paid later on, then he sells it for Closing a sale successfully marks the beginning of a long and perennial relationship between you and your customer. I’m talking about the legitimacy of a price that has been placed on lending. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Posted 12th Jun 2014. This in Islam makes all the difference. If the answer is yes, then this extra that the seller is collecting is riba. In my opinion, the answer is plainly no; when you pay in advance for something, the most you can receive is an expected discount. Amazon Stock: A good buy? Allah says in the generous Quran: “And Allah has allowed trade but prohibits riba”.[3]. There is a variety of forces which at times tempt companies to sell their products below the cost of production. Often, homeowners try to “test the market” with a higher than fair-market price when first listing their home. Clearly $120 right? First: The owner asks you to sell the apartment for a defined price, and then you sell it for a higher price. See the answer to question number This is true, but for all intents and purposes, it is as if the seller did. With this in mind, it might be worth listing items at a slightly higher price than what you plan to sell them for. It’s like if someone said, Islam never explicitly prohibited sausage and I came and opened up a particular sausage and said if you look inside you can clearly see there’s pork in it, therefore, Islam prohibits consuming this particular sausage … no Muslim would argue with that conclusion… and I’m saying if you examine the component parts of a credit sale that is charging more than the cash price you’ll see that there is riba in it. Since they are indebted to the seller it follows then that the seller is the lender. For a detailed explanation of riba’s meaning please watch my video entitled Islam’s view on debt and interest. Islam’s View on Debt and Interest. This rings especially true if there are much cheaper counterparts or knockoffs. Under variable rates of interest, interest … Sell something you’re passionate about. In conclusion I find that while selling on credit is completely permissible in Islam, i.e. Eina sales are also just sales with two willing participants but the prophet’s widow had no doubt that it was prohibited in Islam because the substance of the Eina sale was a financing transaction. How to Sell for Full Price. At a lower price, the only thing you have to sell is a lower price. Halal or Haram? An example of riba would be if you borrowed $120 from a lender on the condition that you pay back $200 in one year. Could I say in Bai’ Alsalam it is as if the purchaser loaned money to the party promising delivery? So saying that Bai’ Alsalam justifies selling on credit for a premium does not hold up. In this article, I will analyze the practice of offering to sell an item at one price if paid in cash and at a greater price if it’s paid for in the future (which I will refer to in this article as a “credit sale” or “buying on credit”). purchaser’s heedlessness or ignorance of prices. For example, a Marks & Spencer (M&S) pricing blunder saw 50 inch 3D plasma screen TVs - which normally retail at £1,099 - on sale for just £199. Podcast Episode 1: Analyzing Murabaha, Halal or Haram? Put differently, the seller in the case of a credit sale is playing the role of the lender. Thus, when the prices became high in the Prophet's time and people asked him to fix prices for them, he replied, Allah is the One Who fixes prices, Who withholds, Who gives lavishly, and Who provides, and I hope that when I meet Him none of you will have a claim against me for any injustice with regard to blood or property. If you make or sell high-quality, long-lasting products, you already realize it’s more difficult to strategically market those items and close sales. Sell the problem, not the solution. Learn more. Retailers can I buy something retail, then resell it at a higher price? I have divided what I’ve heard and read in response to the conclusion I made regarding the impermissibility of selling at different prices in cash and on credit to three major arguments: The first argument is as follows: we know in Islam that paying for something in advance of receiving it, for a price that is less than the current or expected price of the item is allowed, which is called bai’ al-salam (بيع السلم) and there is a clear hadith that allows it: Abd Allah ibn Abbas may Allah be pleased with him said: the prophet peace be upon him came to Madina while people were paying for dates two and three years in advance. Learn how your comment data is processed. For example, if you time the sale of your home for the peak selling season but miss a major job opportunity as a consequence, that could actually have a worse financial impact. After the orders flooded in, the high street giant realised its mistake and cancelled orders at the knock-down price, offering disappointed customers £25 as a goodwill gesture. Music. Precisely and exactly $120 right? Is this transaction permissible?. The third argument goes something like this: the legitimacy of a sale price is that the buyer and seller have agreed to it and that should be it, so long as they’ve agreed to the sale price there should be no problem. This difference of $80 between what you borrowed and what the lender requires to be returned to them only because they had to wait for their money, in Islam, is an unlawful gain for the lender and referred to as “riba”. Here are 8 reasons why selling on price never works: 1. The question is what do you do to justify the higher price that your prospects perceive as something worth paying more to obtain? When people trade, the prices they agree on depend on how much each person values what he gets out of the trade compared with the value he places on what he has to give up in the trade. Yes, one of them will wind up cutting their price, forcing you to cut your price still more. You don't have to take a real estate class, just study recent sales of similar homes in your neighborhood and see what they closed for. If I had a web site, purchased my products retail, then resold those items at higher prices to people who do not have access to these products in their own country. How much of the seller’s money have I borrowed? Recall here what we talked about in my video on Murabaha regarding Eina sales. Praise be to Allah. The second argument I hear purports that Islam never prohibited selling an item for one price in cash and for a greater price on credit. That can be a poor marketing strategy. The broker deserves nothing but a fee. Granted, other scholars have differed in opinion on the interpretation of this hadith so for argument’s sake, assume it is true that there is no explicit prohibition of selling on credit for a premium…assume this is true for argument’s sake. Hello, I was in a local "corner shop" and I purchased a couple of items.They were in packaging from the manufacurer which had a price on it.The shop charged more than this, from a legal standpoint can they do this? Gumtree buyers have a reputation for haggling, so you’ll need to be prepared to negotiate on price. You say something like, “Okay, I’ll agree to this price … It is much easier to defend a higher price by selling the problem. But if this variation occurs because of the purchaser’s skill in bargaining – so if he sees that he is not clever in bargaining he will increase the price, and if he sees that he is clever in bargaining then he will give him a lower price … Gumtree is for UK users only. Wooderson 33. Retrieved from, [2]   Sahih Bukhari, Chapter no: 35 from, Someone trying to look beyond capitalism who is strongly influenced by his Muslim faith in his search for solutions. In the latter case, it is simply the manner of calculating interest that varies, not the fact of its payment. usually buy on credit, then they pay off the price after they sell the Specifically, I want to try to ascertain if this practice involves the use of Riba or not. the seller. In this case, the price and the extra amount must be given to the owner, because the extra money is a return generated by his property.

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