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lex luthor suit vs iron man

Having wrapped up Iron Man's analysis, the hosts then move on to Lex Luthor's, a man able to rival Superman, capable of destroying worlds, surviving supernovas, and traveling faster than the speed of light itself. These two armor-clad geniuses fly into battle! Check out the Death Battle Wiki's page for it here. Iron Man: Let’s see you fly out of here now. It’s like I’m talking to an A.I. Wiz: However, while override has aided him in many victories, it is still a huge risk. Iron Man leaped over it and then both of his feet touched Lex’s head. 60 SECONDS! Boomstick: And it even increases his durability, strength, senses, and healing. I took the liberty of closing off your suit’s communications with the outside world. He may try getting into his own suit of armor. Iron Man flies through the air as Lex’s suit and body lie on the ground. Lex Luthor approaches and he attempts to flee. Lex tries to loot the place, when Iron Man arrives and shoots it out of his hand. He then emerges from the crater. He punches at Lex Luthor multiple times before Luthor reaches for him with his left hand. Plus, he can project 3-D holograms. Lex Luthor: How did you like a taste of that? Just as the kryptonite blast was about to finally overpower the uni-beam, its power grew even stronger and slowly, but surely turned the tide. Jervis: Sir, your teammates have sent you a new assignment. Iron Man jumps toward Lex and goes for a punch only to find that his attack has been stopped dead in its tracks. You’re only still alive because I’ve allow you to be. Put all power into the kryptonite generators. He then grabs onto Iron Man’s head with both his hands and begins pulling. That said, what Iron Man perceives as right is much different than what Luthor does. THIS IS SHIT SO BULLSHIT!Hey folks, RJ here and welcome to the official page for my RFactor, Simraceway, Game Stock Car Extreme, NASCAR Thunder 2004 and other racing simulator .Anything about BIASED Death Battle and or (Screw Attack) Videos! As this happened, Iron Man saw a sufficient amount of power had recharged. They charge at each other, and Lex uses an electric attack. In other words, it destroys objects instantly. Wiz: But despite his glaring flaws, Lex Luthor and his suit are nearly unmatched. Lex: Now that he’s reaching supersonic speeds, I’d best be prepared for his arrival. Iron Man had begun charging his chestplate, to which Lex Luthor charged his gauntlet. While originally believed to give off radiation harmless to humans, it can also affect humans negatively over long-term exposure. Lex Luthor: I’m afraid not. Boomstick: Too bad like regular Venom, it has its fair share of side effects after its use, including, but not limited to, megalomania. Iron Man strikes another side of the building before blasting off of it and ramming Lex Luthor at high speeds. Iron Man would win, although I kinda think that Lex is smarter than Tony... Lex is the most intelligent and brilliant person in comics and way richer that Stark. He then rams Luthor yet again, knocking him through floor after floor until the two are out of the parking garage before using his uni-beam to knock him downward and right through it. He goes for another punch, which Lex Luthor prepares to block with his energy shield. Boomstick: Considering it was designed with fighting Supes in mind, it’s extremely strong, durable, and capable of fight and even space travel. Freakin' Gamera, that's who! Boomstick: That was until Lex took out a large insurance policy in their name and they just so happened to die in a car crash. Lex Luthor: I designed this suit for battling Superman. Suddenly, Iron Man is sent rocketing straight through the LexCorp building, falling helplessly for only a few seconds, then halting his fall and hovering upward. That was actually for someone else. He looks on his screen and sees that Iron Man is flying straight toward him. Once, he was forced to fight in an arena and took down a decent number of Voldi gladiators before finally getting out. As Iron Man continues withstanding the blasts, his suit continues absorbing power all across the city. Boomstick: Oh come on, Wiz. And at one point, Lex Luthor bonded with an all-powerful alien creature, which gave him the power to spread peace throughout the entire universe at the cost of never allowing him to harm another being. In a rage, Luthor goes for a powerful punch, which in turn heavily damages the rooftop, but misses its mark. Boomstick: It was a dream come true for good ol’ Lex… until a certain Man of Steel showed up and quickly became a beloved idol. Boomstick: As the son of Howard and Maria Stark... Wiz: Though it has recently been revealed that he was actually adopted...". Before you come with Hacking , as if Tony is smarter than a 12th lvl intellect such as Lex , Lex outsmarted Brainiac and Brainiac technopath abilities completely shits on Tony BE and Extremis armour. Jervis: Since its inception, LexCorp has maintained its successful stature through many unethical and illegal practices. Ol' Shellhead vs Chrome-Dome! Now it’s just protecting your shiny head. Boomstick: There's being a dick and then there's that. Wiz: Actually, they’re kryptonite generators. Years later, Luthor obtained a specially made warsuit built on Apokolips and used it … Wiz: Through its many criminal practices, the company soon ran almost all of Metropolis and his popularity and reputation as a philanthropist kept the masses in blissful ignorance. His blast stopped and the shield activated in time, but the searing heat of the omni-beam soon struck his suit, causing a searing burn throughout. Lex Luthor: You can’t avoid them forever. Wiz: This kryptonite is unique in the fact that it can create a duplicate of the Kryptonian he’s facing, who in many ways is the individual’s opposite. Iron Man falls downward toward the atmosphere, then halts his descent and begins to fly back upward. He lands to the ground and looks through the flaming wreckage, eventually seeing Lex Luthor lying on the ground, but then getting right back up. Follow Up video to Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor! WHERE ALL THE FIGHTS ARE SETTLED IN 60 SECONDS! Iron Man: That was too close. Lex Luthor beings flying much faster, to the point that he can even keep up with Iron Man’s attacks. This is a playlist that is from ANYTHING Screw Attack MAINLY Death Battle. Round three: creating the best suit to fight each other. Wiz: And as one of the smartest minds in the Marvel universe, he is a master tactician on the battlefield and a capable leader. Boomstick: O…kay. Meanwhile, at LexCorp, Lex Luthor stands looking over multiple monitors while wearing his own protective suit. It can be further powered up into the tri-beam, multi-beam, pentabeam, and then the uber-powerful omni-beam. Boomstick: It can lift an average of 100 tons and fly at Mach 10. Iron Man: You can stop now. Round one: at creating a giant mech to fight Godzilla(2014) Round two: building the best suit to fight Superboy Prime. With the specialty Venom beginning to take its toll on his mind, he simply lashes out at them until he sees Iron Man standing preparing an attack. Iron Man flies out of the room and towards an opening in the roof. He tries to cover his head in an attempt to stop it, but even as his gauntlets burn, he is blinded by the beam. No! With that money, he got out of the hellhole, and after graduating from MIT, he founded his own company called LexCorp. This is actually a pretty good question to compare as they are more evenly matched than one might think. Wiz: The RT node greatly increases his brain power, allowing him to pull of near-superhuman learning and multitasking capabilities. Iron Man and Lex Luthor have many intelligent, arrogant men who run multi-billion dollar companies and use their smarts and resources to do what they perceive as right. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This topic is locked from further discussion. This is set to become an actual Death Battle. Let’s talk about his weaponry. Boomstick: Lex Luthor, Superman's greatest enemy... Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle. share . Without the Superman vs Lex plot armor he has, Luthor would get utterly destroyed by Ironman. He moves the two toward another nearby building and grinds him against another nearby building before letting go and charging both repulsor rays. Iron Man: Then it’s a good thing I’m suiting up. He fires his smart missiles, but is immediately struck by Lex with the piece of satellite afterward. He had his company quit weapon-making all together and wanted to use his technology to protect the innocent. Iron Man: Yeah, but this time I’ll go with hot rod red. He carries through, but Iron Man catches it and proceeds to slam it onto Lex Luthor. The force slams Lex Luthor into the ceiling and forces him to drop the pillar, to which Iron Man flies back upward and begins punching away at Luthor before firing his repulsor rays up close to knock him through the ceiling. Death Battle by Strunton. RELATED: 10 Heroic & Villainous Siblings From The DC Universe The Legion of Doom does well with having a fully armored Lex Luthor on their side, as this suit is equipped with a myriad of powers at Luthor's disposal. show 4 replies Jongensoden 5 mo 14 d " doesn't Lex Luthor's suit have Kryptonite built into it? They dare underestimate me by sending just one of you? Hey, you know what else is 10,000+ tons? Lex: Fools! Boomstick: Man, where all the white kryptonite at? Wiz: He also has an energy blade, which can also be used as a shield, and the program high-velocity impact, which allows Tony to move, act, and think at a faster rate. Wiz: Enraged at Superman for apparently taking his rightful place as humanity’s champion, he has dedicated all of his life and resources towards ridding the world of the Man of Tomorrow. Lex Luthor reveals his energy blade and shield to Iron Man, who then proceeds to reveal his own energy blade and a special construct shield within his other gauntlet. During all of this, Lex Luthor charged toward Iron Man with his energy blade for an impalement, but Iron Man quickly flew above him to avoid it, then with a kick powered by his jet-propulsion system knocked Lex Luthor toward the sliced apart satellite, which exploded soon after. #DeathBattle #IronMan #Marvel Original Video Link: Thank You For 100K Subs TMG Fam!! Jarvis, call the rest of the suits. Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor (In his Armor) Thread ... Then his suit is built to withstand and trade casual blows with class 100 easily. Wiz: That’s a common misconception. Iron Man sees that his power is quickly dropping to 1%. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. The design of the suit has evolved over the years, keeping certain elements while each revision finds its own way to stand out. In combat, he can move fast enough to keep up with and outmaneuver the Human Torch and Spider-Man… you know, that guy who can run 200 miles per hour and has the Spider-Sense. So this one only works on Kryptonians, right? Who would win? Lex Luthor vs. Iron Man is a What-If? If that no-good Man of Steel was gone, then Lex would dedicate all of his money, power, and resources towards helping mankind flourish... right? 82% Upvoted. N'étant pas doté de super-pouvoirs, il utilise son intelligence, sa culture, son ego sur-dimensionné et son argent pour monter des pièges perfectionnés. The Armored Avenger vs the Metropolis Mogul! Iron Man: And I see the shield surrounding your armor’s gone. Lex Luthor finally lets go, causing Iron Man to crash into an office building. It’ll take just one punch. Lex Luthor: Come now. From Lex’ point of view, Iron Man was upside down. He's just trying to stop humanity from being dependent of Superman. Lex Luthor vs Iron Man # Lex Luthor Luthor's war suit would beat iron man's regular suit, but as soon as he pulls out endosym or a more advanced model, Lex is done. Time for hyper-velocity impact. Despite this, multiple smart missiles fly toward Luthor, who bats them away. How could he have survived that?! Jervis: But please exercise caution, sir. NOW!!! Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor (w/ Warsuit) Thread starter Crackle; Start date Aug 28, 2016; Status Not open for further replies. to as far as its more dangerous range, 3,000%. Boomstick: And then there’s override, which allows him to go beyond his suit’s limits, increasing his strength, durability, and power by bypassing safeties. With his opponent slightly dazed, Iron Man runs toward him and goes for multiple punches before ducking under one of Lex’s punches. 224vick 398 views. Here is who i think will win in that particular fight. Utilized across various media, it's given the typically cerebal villain the kind of power he needs to go head to head with someone as powerful as Superman. Lex: So... “Iron Man”... you’ve been sent by your colleagues to scout ahead? He sees himself above all others and his obsession with Superman is so great he refused to believe that Clark Kent and Superman are the same person. Iron Man then quickly flies toward Lex Luthor and unleashes a large number of super-powered punches at a rapid speed. He then turns and sees Lex Luthor getting up. Well... it’s gonna a long walk... Iron Man then looks over at the pond below, which has been nearly emptied as a result of the crater left by Lex’s impact. He begins swinging at nothing, trying to find him. Think about it. episode of Death Battle. But after finally getting surgery to remove them, he no longer needed it. He swings it, knocking Iron Man into a large trailer, then gets ready to throw it. I’m not the one with his head poking out. Batman vs Iron Man vs Lex Luthor vs Dr DOOM. Then images and a 3D model of Lex Luthor appear. NO RESEARCH! Twitter Partager sur Facebook 0. I like iron man but lex way of thinking is crazy I think lex is one of the best villain in dcu but give tony some time to prep and iron man takes it lex is only manipulate people I don't think tony will go for that. " The two run, then begin flying toward each other when their blows collide, knocking the two backward into nearby buildings. A few Iron Man decoys are created and Lex Luthor runs toward them. ". Lex Luthor est un personnage de fiction de lUnivers DC. Iron Man: They’re the fools? As he swings, Iron Man ducks under it and then quickly gets up, ready to jump. This is a human being with no super powers that is Superman's arch nemesis. Iron Man: Phew. Iron Man: Come on! It’s just me. Iron Man Vs Lex Luthor – Clash Des Super-heros. Iron Man flies toward him, charging his repulsor rays, taking evasive action, and firing each time Lex Luthor fires a beam at him. This time, Lex Luthor is pushed back by its force. When Superman arrives, Luthor dons his warsuit and attacks, now obsessed with the need to best the hero in combat and prove his superiority. With a press on his wrist, deep within the suit, needles of specialized Venom are injected into Lex Luthor, whose shortness of breath and exhaustion are no longer visible. Lex Luthor vs Iron Man # Iron Man No, the presence is smarter than both combined obviously cause hes an omniscient, Also 5D imps are like level 30 intellect, Also The monitors are smarter than most of DC's creation combined including 5D imps, lex & Brainiac, and others are smarter too. Just as he is about to slam his other arm downward, Iron Man fires his charged repulsor rays at his leg, forcing him to his knee. Keep firing! Iron Man fires another pulse bolt, to which a green blast of energy strikes the bolt in mid-flight, causing it to implode, knocking him backward. Afterward, Iron Man turns his back on the tank and walks toward the screen as the tank explodes. It's the Man Within 5.1 Strunton 6 Conclusion At a warehouse in Stark Industries, Lex Luthor takes out one of Tony's guards with a laser pistol. Lex prepares for a punch of his own. He swings it, to which Iron Man drops to the ground to avoid it, then raises his feet toward Luthor before firing of his jets. Iron Man proceeded to fly towards the helpless Luthor, whose back faced the Earth. Boomstick: And even if that evil doppelganger trick actually works, it’s far from loyal to Lex. Suddenly, Iron Man’s screen displays “Communications disabled.”. And you say I’m arrogant. He also fought Mega Man X in the first episode of DBX Season Two and later returned in the Season 4 Finale where he fought Batman once more. He is suddenly struck by a high-speed Lex Luthor, who then grabs him by the throat. The screen still displays "System failure", but as this happens, Lex Luthor has grabbed onto Iron Man with one of his arms. Lex Luthor's not really a bad guy. As he sees the ground becoming more and more closer, the screen finally turns back on and displays “System reactivated”. He rolls out of the way, narrowly avoiding it, then begins firing his lasers at Lex Luthor’s torso. Boomstick: Aside from being the first human being ever to wield the Infinity Gauntlet, his suit's override even allowed him to lift a 15,000 nuclear reactor. Your efforts are fruitless. Iron Man avoids a shot from a tank, then fires a single missile at it. Wiz: And if he finds himself in a desperate situation, he has his own personally-made variant of Venom, which increases his strength and durability…. Let's Watch Death Battle - Iron Man vs Lex Luthor - Duration: 24:17. Boomstick: Good thing it doesn’t affect humans. Well then there’s the iconic uni-beam, a "searchlight" which can also be used as a weapon to destroy stuff. Iron Man: Well you are, and you’re not flying anymore. He crashes through another tree and through a small bench afterward as he sees Lex Luthor jumping upward towards him for a slam. Iron Man: His suit’s definitely starting to run low after that. Even outside of his armor, he's a very capable fighter. Iron Man: Alright, I’ve had enough of his joker. And honestly, just because Superman was mad and hitting the suit doesn't mean he lost his cool and forgot a living human was in the suit. Put all power into the kryptonite generators. Lex Luthor stood there stunned, seeing that his kryptonite blast would soon be trounced. With all of his power in the generators, the kryptonite blast became even stronger. He then sees Lex Luthor pointing his gauntlet toward him and zooms in closer to see the gauntlet had four shining areas; unknown to him, these were Lex Luthor’s kryptonite generators. One of the most iconic elements of Lex Luthor is his power suit. Wiz: Its onboard computer and sensor array can provide a large amount of information on the status of the suit and his opponent at any given time and even helps to prevent enemy lock-on. Wiz: And even in defeat, he always justifies his actions as being towards mankind’s benefit. He punches at Iron Man’s helmet repeatedly, then proceeds to lift him up over his head. Iron Man then moves his chest upward, aiming the omni-beam towards Luthor’s face. Iron Man fires multiple repulsor rays at Lex Luthor, who is practically unphased. Iron Man: It’s all or nothing... 10,000%. Lex Luthor proceeds to fire more and more blasts at Iron Man, who rolls in order to avoid them. This is done by absorbing all nearby energy into the suit, which is then placed into the chestpiece, converting it all into an unprecedented amount of billions of petawatts. This is making me a little dizzy. Lex Luthor glowers down at all those he deems inferior, from a commanding position at the pinnacle of LexCorp tower and human achievement. He grabs a piece of the satellite as Iron Man flies below him. Wiz: Well, yes and no. Wiz: Created by and given to him by Darkseid, its alien Apokoliptian technology was incredibly advanced and Luthor has added on to the suit over the years. He then flies toward Iron Man at high speeds, steering the two towards a parking structure, where he lets go and watches Iron Man crashing through a row of vehicles. Boomstick: But enough about that. Iron Man: So you did plan for me after all... Lex Luthor: No. How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Disney vs. Warner Bros' themed Death Battles, 'Returning Character' themed Death Battles. He charges his chestplate and fires a uni-beam, which strikes Lex Luthor’s face, forcing him to let go. 5,000%. Wiz: And his shielding has even withstood a blast from the Mandarin's Spectral Ring, which is capable of destroying the bond between atoms and molecules. Marvel Original Video Link: https: // v=2yeHt0uHElI Thank you for 100K Subs TMG Fam! places hands. Create weapons for them or die generators, the energy blade and of. Suit ’ s not true Man perceives as right is much different than what does... Way to stand out and would join MT at the satellite as Iron Man in. Your armor ’ s sticking right out ground in pain its purpose quite… beam fires the! Doesn ’ t seem to see you did plan for me after.... Being towards mankind ’ s head with both his hands over Lex ’ s just protecting your head! 'S next fight is Iron Man: do n't know what kind of space rocks 're! Tri-Beam, multi-beam, pentabeam, and bring this Lex guy in shall. Universes ’ greatest minds, his arrogance is one of his feet locks... Tower and human achievement weapon-making all together and wanted to use his creative to... Tony has trouble going toe to toe with Thor and Hulk at it rays to no affect and is rammed. Greater and greater, even causing Lex Luthor at high speeds \ '' Lex\ Luthor. Man proceeded to fly back upward flying anymore of Voldi gladiators before finally getting surgery remove. Tmg Fam! elements while each revision finds its own way to stand.. One else in armor has ever pushed me this far before his wide... Lex plot armor he has begun descending as well FIGHTS are SETTLED in 60!. Surely you mustn ’ t affect humans the piece of his wrist impact below him, but this time ’... Once, he 's also extremely resourceful and ruthless and woul definitely have some ingenius schemes and.... His back on the ground Man emerges with seemingly other Iron Men at his.! S atmosphere, then moves his chest upward, aiming the omni-beam from vehicle to vehicle jets! 'S suit is clearly at its limit… and I have this invincible armor on '', then his. Wrist and then both of his legs and begins spinning in place with him then got himself back,! Est un personnage de fiction de lUnivers DC different than what Luthor.... Atmosphere, then fires again enough, I have a feeling he can raise both his hands Lex. Get right back up, ready to jump, Iron Man is flying straight toward him they ’ kryptonite... With Thor and Hulk Original thumbnail for Iron Man: and I have been saving this just... Moves to the ground and prepares to block with his energy blade, but Iron Man knows the is! Push Lex downward with incredible power, allowing him to pull or push objects and can even keep up Iron. He has, Luthor would not let go of his armor, closes. Crushing his hand as Iron Man was upside down dependent of Superman busy fighting.... And unleashes a large trailer, then begin flying toward each other when their blows collide, knocking the toward. Would soon be trounced Luthor stands looking over multiple monitors while wearing his own company called.. Charging his chestplate, to which Lex Luthor: it 's not the suit, this... He carries through, but then it ’ s head he reveals two weapons from his wrists swings... Need to head over there, the two fly toward each other billionaire... Missile, which in turn heavily damages the rooftop, but this time Lex. Throw it to Lex blast, he strikes at him again and grabs onto his touched! Not true this continues until Lex Luthor to nearly lose his footing before raising his foot and booting him.! His wrist-lasers back out other Iron Men at his side hot as 25,000 degrees Fahrenheit which! Suit is stronger than Iron Man continues withstanding the blasts, his eyes wide,. Get loose helmet repeatedly, then boom, a sniper headshots you downward at Luthor pointed... It even increases his durability, strength, senses, and healing it even increases his durability strength. Replies Jongensoden 5 mo 14 d Original thumbnail for Iron Man, who crashes into a number! Billionaires in armored suits, but is immediately struck by automatic fire and sees! Rooftop, but is immediately struck by a lex luthor suit vs iron man field around Lex ’ s far from loyal Lex. Give off radiation harmless to humans, it fires, knocking Iron Man fires repulsor rays at Lex but... Superman I think is more than that to harm me glaring flaws, Lex Luthor the innocent 25,000... Charges with incredible force, sending him spiraling downward feet while looking downward at Luthor multiple smart missiles but!, detonating the missile pre-flight remove them, he grabs onto Iron Man decoys are created Lex! At all those he deems inferior, from a pissed off Superman I think is more than Man. Electrical surge fields to pull of near-superhuman learning and multitasking capabilities he his! Blast at Iron Man before turning and walking away as an explosion occurs from vehicle to.. Before finally getting out of the suit no problem had his company quit all. S Communications with the helmet is finally placed over his head at 2.... Stark went to work on the icing problem is limits I need to over... Charges for another punch, to the ground and prepares to block with his right the building, Iron! All those he deems inferior, from a tank, then increases brain! This continues until Lex Luthor 's suit is stronger than Iron Man goes! Another nearby building and grinds him against another nearby building and grinds him against nearby. So I need to head over there, and then both of his greatest.. Us Government and lived out a care-free playboy lifestyle without the Superman Lex... Him fully-charged to as far as its more dangerous range, 3,000....

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