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kenway family sword treasure map location

BURIED TREASURE/TREASURE MAPS Sometimes you will find an individual in a tavern selling a treasure map. At the end of the sword fight, Blackbeard and Kenway stop and decide they should get real jobs. He acquired them from looting a treasure chest in the West Indies.1 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Map Location: (299,402) On the very far western side of the Orenda map is a small beach with several wrecked ships. For the rest of the video until the bridge, Kenway and Blackbeard find and steal items related to the treasure map, leading up to a sword fight at the site of the treasure. As for the Treasure Chest, head to above mentioned coordinates and find it buried near a ship. The map will show you where the treasure is buried, and also which town it is located near. The Treasure Map can be found in the Andreas Island. The cost is usually around 500 gold, but the treasure is from 5000-13000 gold pieces. Break the stained glass window and hop inside. See the locations of each tablet and Excalibur's resting place in the map above. Well worth the investment in the map. Dig on the beach near an old shipwreck in the water, between three palm trees. In total there are 30 treasure maps and corresponding places where treasures are hidden in Kingdom Come Deliverance - 5 Ancient Treasure Maps and 25 "regular" Treasure Maps. Location. Treasure of Britain Guides Click any of the tablet locations to be go to their full guide. Note: You don't need treasure maps to be able to get the treasures! 22 treasure maps are scattered throughout the game, some in the single player campaign, while some are available in Kenway's Fleet.They will pinpoint the exact location of several Buried Chests that houses valuable items and Elite Plan Upgrades for the Jackdaw. When you arrive in front of it, go to the wall covered with ivy and move the shelf. There are 30 Treasure Maps in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Elite Ram Location: Location: Isla Providencia (Coordinates: 502, 44). You don’t need to unlock the maps in order to find the treasures! You can get the map in Colcestre, from the tower in Sancta Helena’s Church. You can go straight to the treasure location without acquiring the map. Treasure Map – Kenway's Fleet Mission – 3 Missions Unlock Treasure Maps, Empty Cellar (Eastern British Colonies), Scarlatina (Eastern Canada), and Great Reputation II (Mediterranean Sea). The map can be found here. I got my map finally aquired from the NW Europe (thought it was the med but was reading wrong) mission Homeward Bound. I assume rewards from fleet mission rewards are fixed so it should be the same for you if yer only missing the one map like i was. The name of Edward Kenway’s ship in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag is the Jackdaw. You can head straight to the treasure location and pick it up without the map. This guide shows all Treasure Map Locations & Solutions so you know where to find all the secret loot. Buy it. Treasure Location: (635,446) – … Edward Kenway's Unique Swords were the personal pair of swords of the pirate and later Assassin Edward Kenway who operated during the Golden Age of Piracy. AC Valhalla Essexe Hoard Map Location – Treasure Map Solution Essexe treasure hoard map location. It’s a worthwhile vessel, and will serve you well on your voyages around the sea. They only serve as hints. These are movies where one or more persons are ether chasing after or searching for a prize or treasure through the use of a map or a trail of clues and puzzles.

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