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top 50 british bands

So the stereotype is just stupid. 40: Marillion Everyone knows who he is, but outside those three songs he’s kind of an unknown here. That he was more offended by the fence keeping the fans away than he was afraid of taking a bottle to the head says everything you need to know about The Clash. You rock. And from 1980 to 1986 (a period of 312 total weeks), there was a Madness single in the UK charts for 214 weeks. Speaking of “style”, no mention of Style Council? Of course, that all started to change on Revolver, and yes, Sgt. – Yep putting The Beatles in 2nd is controversial – but it all depends by what criteria you judge things – for me the Stones are better, more important, and more influential Essential track: “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Why: We’ll give you 10 reasons. Talk Talk as well (Hollis father of post-rock) – love ’em. Enter Let’s Dance, Bowie’s most popular album to date. The actual list only took an hour or so to make, but it’s taken me a couple of weeks to write the necessary paragraph or two about each artist. Just imagine what would rock ‘n roll be without these legends from across the pond – most of them, if not all, altered the course of rock music as they released one iconic song after another. Top 100 Hits from 1980 to 1989 Position Artist Title; 01: Frankie Goes To Hollywood : Relax: 02: Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Two Tribes: 03: Stevie Wonder: I Just Called To Say I Love You: 04: Black Box: Ride On Time: 05: Jennifer Rush: The Power Of Love: 06: Band Aid: Do They Know It's Christmas? I still listen to them at least twice a month. Cream. The Beatles Number 1, The Rolling Stones Number Two, Led Zeppelin Number Three, Queen Number Four, the rest you can put in any position you want. Like him or not, you can’t argue with fourteen #1 singles. REally? Jimi Hendrix Experience (that was a British band)…and I could go on. A good read! No Yes, King Crimson, Porcupine Tree or Cream. Sadly, Sting’s ego got the best of him, and he left Copeland and Summers holding the bag. 45) Black Flag Essential track: “Love is the Drug”, Why: Contrary to what you’ve heard in High Fidelity, these Scots are far from “old sad bastard music.” Essential track: “The Blues Are Still Blue”, Why: Sheffield’s finest exploded onto the scene in 2006 with the fastest-selling debut album in UK history, and their brand of garage-fueled indie rock has been ringing in our ears ever since. Pretty good list, Jim. You got to be out of your mind here dude come on Pink Floyd way back and Led Zeppelin ? 34) Sonic Youth And I was a huge fan of The Clash but there’s not a chance on earth they were a greater band than the Rolling Stones (and several others). 49: Sex Pistols I liked the list. Essential track: “Go Your Own Way”, Why: These TwoTone titans were one of the first major multiracial acts in England, and they spearheaded the ska movement by melding together reggae and punk sounds. Also, I don’t really understand how some many comments disparage this list because it doesn’t have the Beatles at the top. Ha! I’m not a huge fan, but it’s obvious they were THE British band of the 1990s. Like, 10? !come on you must be like them beatles fans…1 beatles 2 led zepp 3 pink floyd the rest are fine. Hard to pin down, as you mentioned. Some may even shock you. It should be entitled “My favourite British Bands – plus some others I have heard of.”. Sure, there are a lot of bands that might have copied Floyd’s sound, but I’m thinking their influence wasn’t as obvious as most. He is thoughtful and intelligent and is a student of music. Fans, hurt and angry that the band had broken up, took to wearing t-shirts that said “Paul Weller 1958-1982”, indicating that he was dead to them. I don’t think so. 19. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Sure, “The House of the Rising Sun” belongs on any “Best of the 60s” compilation, but what about songs like “It’s My Life” and “We Gotta Get Out of This Place”, which was practically the theme song of US soldiers in Vietnam (and of which Bruce Springsteen said: “That’s every song I’ve ever written… That’s ‘Born to Run,’ ‘Born in the U.S.A.,’ everything I’ve done for the past 40 years including all the new ones. Essential track: “Fisherman’s Blues”, Why: They’re pop-punk pioneers who brought a little polish to the early anti-establishment scene. Duran Duran- They were hugely influential for the MTV action, if nothing else. They never, ever got their due credit. 30) Parliament 44. “Abacab” was arty and modern postpunk. 17: David Bowie and Spiders from Mars Obviously Genesis should be in the top 3 or 4 but facts are wrong too – example, Genesis were heavily influenced by King Crimson and a bit by Yes, not vice versa… What about ELP (and the NIce),. Official. However, you forgot one of the greatest bands of ALL TIME . But the band certainly has a unique style and have had a huge impact on alternative music. Oasis- They probably should have charted higher. Mate – your head is fucked! The one group I most expected to see in a Top 50 Greatest british Bands list that didn’t make your cut is Yes. This is a bold thing to do and of course very controversial and impossible really as there are so many factors to consider when defining “best”. Photos by El Hardwick, Shane McCauley, courtesy of the artist Music Lists British Bands. It’s not easy to sit down and try to remember EVERY important band of the last 50 years, even if you narrow it down to a tiny little country. 21: Coldplay Why: These staples of the “Madchester” scene taught us all how to rave in the ‘90s. It brought back great memories. 27) The Stone Roses: Why? Personally, my favorite band now and forever will be the beatles. I would probably consider Judas Priest, Jethro Tull, Eurythmics and Uriah Heep somewhere in the lower half of the rankings. One of my favorite stories about the band is actually about their fans. More importantly, T. Rex (along with Gary Glitter) personified the entire glam-rock movement. 45) Cocteau Twins – You could argue that my personal bias is showing here. 32: Iron Maiden He almost single-handedly invented glam rock. Ask Brian May, he was a Slade fan. Led Zeppelin, Stones, Pink Floyd were way better… Think I’d replace Iron Maiden with Motorhead, too. 5) David Bowie: If Roxy Music formed one pillar of New Wave, then David Bowie surely formed the other. To state that the band was influential is stating the obvious: The Smiths begat the entire Britpop movement, and bands like Blur, The Stone Roses, Oasis, and The Libertines owe much of their ethos to The Smiths. What I enjoyed the most were the informative write-ups you posted for every artist. My main area of disagreement though, would have to be on Oasis. 2) The Beatles: Oh no! Difficult not to agree with the guy on Jethro Tull and the Moody Blues. Top 10 Greatest British Rock Bands. Although The Kinks had pretty good success in the charts – seventeen Top 20 singles and five Top 10 albums in the UK and five Top 10 singles and nine Top 40 albums in the US – their lasting contribution to music has been their great influence on later generations. This is very misleading, please don’t write without research. Wake Forest- The Who. Every “bad boy” rock act since comes from Jagger and Richards, two of the most heralded songwriters of the rock era. was an extremely underrated bass player. Of course it’s something subjective, that’s why I don’t understand how some people write disrespectful comments against the author, like saying he must be 10 years old. Like the clash but number 1! Okay my daughter was a post grad there so I see where you are coming from! Essential track: “Whole Lotta Love”, Why: One of our 100 greatest living songwriters, Costello is a New Wave wordsmith of the highest order. The guy was huge. As much as i dislike admitting it, One Direction should definitely be mentioned, not everyone likes them, but they are quite a huge success, the greatest boy band for teenagers in the world. Teens liked him. But they’ve had more songs in the UK charts (over 60) than any other band in history, and 22 of them have made in into the Top 10. Muse could be higher. 3. 13) Pink Floyd – This legendary band wasn’t as big as Lepplin, and their influence on future musicians was perhaps the most subtle of any of this list. Where is Echo & the BunnyMen, The Cult, Def Leppard, or Bush?? 32) Coldplay: This is the most boring band in the whole world, but people seem to love them for some reason. @Peter Wooldridge , as you say “pommie” I guess you’re a fucking Aussie…..the land of thousands of great bands ….NOT. I’m not sure I would have considered them, but I agree with you wholeheartedly on their inclusion. 100 million records later, the band are the most successful duo in British music history, with 22 Top 10 hits. 3: Radiohead XTC aren’t included on the list because, while critically acclaimed, I also don’t know how influential they were. It was bad enough that England’s teenagers faced alienation from the workplace and society at large… but it was flat-out tragic that they couldn’t even relate to their own music. Clash? I always found the Gallagher brothers to be insufferable, especially since they basically killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Lavished with synth beats the album is an amalgamation of seemingly divergent musical genres, from R&B to psychedelic pop. Not many of these lists would include the Cocteau Twins over, say, Squeeze, but hey – it’s my list and I’ll do it as I please. A British band, they were known for wearing the Union Jack on their clothing. Although I’d consider XTC to be a “better” band than Bananarama, the girls easily outsold XTC and had a significant (and obvious) influence on female acts. Where The Specials might have been the first big ska band in the UK, Madness made the genre a household name. But my friend Richard sure is. They were only together for two years, and released just one album. I hate the Phil-Collins-Genesis-was-a-pop-band stereotype. Any drummer worth his sticks sites Bonzo as a influence..and as far as vocals.. The U.S. and the UK have a long history of swapping sounds, and it’s hard to imagine what the state of popular culture would be today without some good, old-fashioned trans-Atlantic cross-pollination. They’ve sold 300 million records worldwide, had eighteen #1 singles and eighteen #1 albums, currently hold the UK record for the top-selling album of all-time, Queen’s Greatest Hits, and have spent a grand total of 1,322 weeks in the UK charts, another record. In fact, at the 2010 Brit Awards (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? For some reason, that song has always reminded me of a factory where all the giant industrial machines were started one by one and just happened to make a great tune together… and then Ian Curtis’ haunting voice came over the top of it all. More genuine than some of the lightweight pop artist as well. Some are relatively new, some are old, and they come from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. But let’s not forget that before the blockbuster pop of Invisible Touch, Genesis was a band who greatly influenced prog acts like Yes and King Crimson. (Esp. From humble beginnings, A&K has been setting the standard for nearly 60 years, ever since I redefined the African safari with a refrigerated ex-Army truck and the best tents money could buy. agree with your list,but what about badfinger.without you is probably one of the best songs ever.forget mariah carey and listen to their version-awesome. This led Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft to quip that “Symphony” was “the best song Jagger and Richards have written in 20 years” (and it was true: “Symphony” was the highest-charting Jagger\Richards single since 1971’s “Brown Sugar”!). There have been dozens of copycats since she burst onto the scene, but so far none have matched our beehived heroine. They’ve had 42 Top 30 singles, 22 Top 10 singles and 4 number ones. Because I just didn’t get enough controversy last week, here’s more! And Pink Floyd at 13 is a joke! You typically wouldn’t call Bowie a “band”, but “50 Greatest British Musical Artists of All-Time” just doesn’t have the same ring that “50 Greatest British Bands of All-Time” does. The Clash and other punk dudes should go after these guys. #49- Japan this low? There were no Scottish acts on there. Why not put the Clash top and Sex Pistols at #7. It’s about music, specifically the 50 best British bands of all time. Essential track: “Paper Planes”, Why: Always political but never insufferable, this group’ll get you thinking and dancing at the same time. Comparing Oasis to the Beatles is absurd! Florence Welch, Tori Amos, Alison Goldfrapp, PJ Harvey, KT Tunstall and (especially) Björk all show clear signs of Bush’s influence. 22) R.E.M. As as french guy it was very instructive for me to learn that many bands I assumed as american were actually english!! They’ve sold more records than any musical act in the US save for The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks (gross). The lowest any Madness album has ever charted in the UK was #17 (1999’s Wonderful). And can someone explain to me why the smiths alway figure on these lists i honestly don’t get the appeal. I can listen to “Monkey Man” all day long and never tire of it. 5. Japan, Blur, Nick Lowe? These guys were tight, but seemed to have more personnel issues than Spinal Tap. For example, the opening riff of Animals inspired a young David Evans to go out and buy his first delay pedal (you probably know him better as “The Edge”). And bands like Pink Floyd lived in secluded estates that gave Buckingham Palace a run for the money. I can agree with most of this list (even the artists I don’t like), except I’d put T. Rex higher than Bowie and Roxy Music due to influence. 23) Genesis: Genesis is, of course, a tale of two bands. Jam fans were more educated and challenged more of what they saw. And, as mentioned, I think Knopfler is one of the most underrated guitarists ever. They toured almost constantly, becoming one of the highest grossing live acts of the day in the UK. Moody Blues should be in the top 10… as should ELO…. They played in front of a backdrop declaring themselves the “future of rock & roll,” and we believed them. And as previously mentioned, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, and Deep Purple also belong on this list. type to search. No less than 56 people have been able to call themselves members of the Scottish band since it began mixing Celtic music with rock ‘n’ roll 28 years ago. There’s nothing you can do about it. And they only had three Top 20 singles. When I was a kid, it seemed like every white female I knew had a copy of Rumors on 8-track or vinyl. Electric Light Orchestra had 18 top 40 hits, Joy Division? Stone Roses- Oh, hell yeah! Pretty influential bands if you ask me. What century do you live in? Pretentious? HA! Essential track: “Common People”, Why: One of the best acoustic guitar players of all time, Thompson was also one of the first to blend English folk with electric elements in Fairport Convention. Congratulations! That is a very comprehensive list you have there, and – apart from ELO not being on the list – I can’t fault it tbh. Pink Floyd should be way way way higher. Minus Curtis, the band continued as New Order, making some of the most popular electronic music of all time (it’s amazing that, despite all the huge club hits since the 80s, “Blue Monday” is still the most popular 12″ single of all time). Oh, and I have to give the band some love for hiring a pre-Police Andy Summers all the way back in 1968. Still, PSB are titans of Britain’s electronic music scene and deserve props for putting out great tunes for 31 years. So Gabriel is listed under Genesis. Later albums, like Disintegration and Wild Mood Swings, might be far more complex musically than their more straightforward early work, but I think the band really ran out of gas with Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me. Bananarama and no Arctic Monkeys makes this list completely obsolete. Paranoid is a classic no matter where you’re coming from musically, and the fact that it’s 4x platinum kind of bears that out. Of course, the list also includes artists who are primarily known for being solo acts, like David Bowie. ok Jim, here it is in 5 words. Roger Daltry is so cool and not your typical pretentious, better-than-thou singer. No Peter Gabriel is a crime,although you did mention Genesis. Knowing your personal tastes somewhat, I’m surprised the New Romantics aren’t really represented. In fact, if you look at all the acts directly influenced by Genesis, it starts to read like a Who’s Who of prog and art rock. His final gig was in Indianapolis on June 26, 1977, only six weeks before he died. We all know her and her work, but sometimes you have to put things in perspective. kate bush isn’t a band ffs, Cream, Def Leppard. I personally didn’t recognize his talent until a friend of mine who played 5-string bass pointed out to me how extraordinary he was/is. 44) Blur: Oasis might have won the Battle of Britpop, but Blur were right behind them every step of the way. Is The Biggest Tour Of ALL TIME! Please..I will not even go there.. bar none the best of the British bands. It’s not exactly my thing, but it’s decent enough. Essential track: “Pump it Up”, > Why: No one does space-rock androgyny quite like Bowie. I assume it’s a personal choice. Bands should be notable and linked to their articles which lists their English origins in the lead. Blur- They’re pretty hit or miss. Essential track: “Time”, Why: This Northern Irish soul man can do it all, whether it’s belting out big numbers like “Gloria” or “Brown Eyed Girl,” or serenading us with understated beauty on Astral Weeks. Oddly, I’m not a huge fan of the group, which is weird, because you’d think it’d be right up my alley. A list of musicians who have named Queen as an influence would take up all 50GB of my allotted space on this server. Talk about influence, talk about hits, talk about musicianship, packaging even. His 1958 single “Move It” is considered by many of be the very first British rock song, and in Richard’s 53 year career he’s had 130 Top 20 singles and albums. This is so wrong the Beatles are number one then Rolling Stones then something like oasis or blur or pink flloyd. 11. And I wouldn’t have included The Clash in the top 10. Because if you take New Order out of the picture, The Stone Roses were my favorite Madchester band. As I was reading the list out to my brother, he asked who the author is – which I hadn’t checked before embarking upon your post – and was pleasantly surprsed that you’re not from the UK, given the breadth of knowledge demonstrated. – Oh my god just realised you missed out Dr Feelgood – they were the basis of much of punk and new wave and far too good to have been missed. So the Clash are one but you don’t name a song or act they inspired. Firstly, a ‘band’ is not a solo artist. I’ll get back to you next week after i’ve had a chance to read it all the way thru . Of course I prefer them over the Beatles. 37) Chicago 41) X Held up as some kind of Rock Gods, the band’s material has been packaged and repackaged so many times, it’s almost nauseating. Great that the list is not Americocentric. Beatles- It had to be done/said. 30: Coldplay Sure, teenagers and hipsters knew who Bowie was, but few parents did. (well, in Canada and the U.S. at least.) Roxy Music . 15. Thirdly, whilst your choices are your own, and I love The Clash, you stated that your ranking was based on many things including record sales (and I presume the band’s legacy), seriously there is no way in this earth that the clash rank top. So they should be in the top 1-5 or 5-10 at least ? It’s much more serious. Whereas, say, Bono and Sting also wrote songs that shared  Weller’s sense of social justice, they beat you over the head with it. Your email address will not be published. Just look at the dates of their respective debut albums. It’s ok to hate those Yanks bands too, we have been living with scorn since time immemorial. Of course, the band’s lineup has changed considerably over the years, and this affected the quality and frequency of their output. This list is a joke. T.Rex released 8 albums not 4 plus pre T.Rex Bolan released 4 albums with Steve Took. It’s all a bit of fun anyway. Stones- I must be a dude because I prefer them to the Beatles. After starting his chart career with what amounts to a novelty single (“Space Oddity”), Bowie transformed himself into alter-ego Ziggy Stardust and became the biggest cult phenomenon in the world. no The Commodores or Jacko are the furthest thing from rock.. and I feel for as I have to agree alot of these acts aren’t my favs either.. J Phillip Hodge: Where you been hidin’, brother? He’s known (in the US) for being a respected songwriter, much like Elvis Costello, But I’d be really surprised if anyone, even people who know a lot about music, could name any of his songs aside from “Is She Really Going Out with Him?” and “Steppin’ Out” (and perhaps the Suzanne Vega song “Left of Centre”). Knocking” anywhere is enough to have put them in the top 25. The debate has been raging for months and years and will go on literally until the end of time, but I’ve finally cracked it – I’ve compiled a list of the Top 20 Great British Bands of all time… according to me. Thank you! 32) Kiss Minor point of contention. 36. have been living in a musical goldmine. Maybe I just have a cultural blind spot for The Who… but it just seemed like, growing up, they were everyone’s fifth or sixth favorite band, never anyone’s favorite band. You’re speaking of Sandinista with the tale of giving up profits. As you said, they were musically adventurous and always different. Your review of the best 50 British bands falls short in so many ways that I don’t know where to start. Like Bob Dylan, Lowe is famous for other people covering his work: Elvis Costello’s “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding” and Johnny Cash’s “The Beast in Me” were originally Lowe songs. 40. 40) Journey I only regret you didn’t mention any 90s-00s electronic acts at all (for I considere british are also the best (if not the only ones good) at it: Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Matthew Herbert, Roni Size…), but maybe it’s a generational issue:); and of course, The Clash #1, what an heresy! What have they done in comparison to the bands I’ve mentioned. Omitting Cream, The Moody Blues, The Yardbirds, Manfredd Mann’s Earth band … you are not a child of the 60s, but of the 80s. Cool list, I agree with some, disagree with some and that’s the great thing about music is everyone has their own interpretations. 25: Keane In fact, the average chart position for XTC singles is something like #67 on the UK charts. Intersting list. 17) Aerosmith Wings was the biggest selling band in the 70s. Where is the band The Sweet??? 28: Mike Oldfield 50. I feel free Impact v Longevity now there’s a debate! …if I can recommend your ears to an amazing British Band not included then I say discover Echo and the Bunnymen…..They are amazing. [ducks and runs]. You can still hear the whining after the captain shuts down the engines . Culture Trip breaks down the top British bands and artists you should follow. Like The Ramones, Jim and William Reid loved 60s girl bands. But no single band, not even The Beatles, changed the course of music history more than the Sex Pistols. Given the relatively low bar associated with this list I would have included the collective work of the Beat, the English Beat and the Fine Young Cannibals just as good if not better than the Specials, Madness or the Jam. Orbital? Although The Clash are one of my favourite bands, they probably deserve 4th place, behind Zep, Floyd, Beatles, Stones. 29) Pixies As far as rock bands go, Maiden was as solid and tight as they come. As a Brit who grew up in the 70’s I found this to be an interesting but flawed list. 26) Iron Maiden: I’m not a metal fan. Muse especially. The Beatles catalog is objectionable untouchable. 20. Grandmothers liked him. Best songs: Baba O'Reilly; Who Are You; Won't Get Fooled Again: Out of all the British Invasion bands, The Who is definitely the third most successful. Essential track: “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”, Why: The band won a Mercury Prize for its debut album, Bring It On, in 1998 and has continued mixing experimental sounds with accessible melodies since then. Still, Muse was a great “filler band” in the late 90s British music scene, and the fact that the Brits are using “Survival” as the official song of the 2012 Olympics says a lot about what they mean to the UK. The band were Ground Zero of the “Madchester” scene, and although they didn’t have the chart success of other bands, their tunes rocked enough Ecstasy-fueled raves for the band to become legendary. As voted by you. Although they only rank #14 on the list of all-time best-selling artists in the US, their impact is far greater than that. We may not fully understand it here in the States, but singing that the Queen “ain’t no human being” are fightin’ words. Those were great tunes! But when they tried to emulate The Shangri-Las, they ended up just sounding like a Scottish version of The Ramones. Oh, and if I never hear “Every Breath…” ever again, I will die very happy. Essential track: “I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor”, Why: Combining the trippiness of some of their Manchester contemporaries with a pop sensibility, Ian Brown, John Squire, Mani and Reni perfected the alt-rock output of their day. Had the band stayed together and released a few more awesome albums, they might have held the spot in pop culture that U2 holds today (By the way, U2 being an Irish band, are not British, which is why they’re not on this chart). Why!!?!?!??!??? They had a massive influence on lots of top artistes, including some mentioned in your list. But how do they manage to get all the way to #17 on this list with just two Top 10 singles and one Top 10 album in the UK? My reasoning is that if I gave Gabriel his own entry, I’d have give Collins one, too. I wonder in how many of these bands will slip from memory in the next twenty to fifty years. I see some gross omissions, but I’m not sure we’d see eye-to-eye on what I think was left out (Pavement, Flaming Lips, Mission of Burma, Devo, Television, Husker Du, a whole army of American Hardcore, Richie Valens, Eddie Cochran, etc…). However, I’m rather sick of “Cruel Summer” and I never really liked “Venus”. He might not have sold as many records as others on this list, nor has he had a huge influence on subsequent artists, but he’s a treasure all the same. (among which many of my favourite bands) That comforts me even more in the idea that british are the best for music, period. Very close. Their core seven albums all charted well. It was almost as if mothers would have been proud to have their daughters bring home John, Paul, George or Ringo. The band is also not afraid to take on the music industry (their infamous “pay what you want” strategy for In Rainbows). The Beatles are the best band of all time whichever criteria you use. I thought you had forgotten about The Clash until I was pleasantly surprised to see them on the top! Love the Sex Pistols entry. Still, with the possible exception of Madonna, Bush has inspired more singers than just about any other woman on the planet. No James Brown??? His words and brother Dave’s unforgettable guitar riffs make these lads one of the most influential bands of the 20th century. One suggestion, Cream? But The Human League were incredibly influential in the electronic music scene. 28) Fleetwood Mac: OK, so they’re not entirely British, but Fleetwood Mac were truly gigantic back in the 1970s. There’s little fun in trying to make a list of something where you don’t like any of the bands on it. And as soon as “Disorder” started I was hooked. SLADE? The first supergroup. And film adaptation of The Wall was a cultural phenomenon of its own, providing endless entertainment to stoned teenagers everywhere. His songs are witty, political and romantic—and he was rocking wide-framed glasses before all you hipsters were even born. Did end too soon and influenced MANY. I think your rule works for Collins, (in re: “No Jacket Required”) but come on… it’s Peter Gabriel. And Paul Weller was a master at painting pictures with his lyrics. In my opinion they’re one of the boldest and most whimsically awesome bands in the world. Essential track: “Blue Monday”, Why: One of punk’s first leading ladies, Ari Up proved she could hang with the boys at the ripe old age of 14, incorporating reggae and ska influences into a sound that remains unique to this day. Fleetwood Mac are a British-American rock band, formed in London in 1967. In fact, Synchronicity was the album that finally knocked Michael Jackson’s Thriller off the top of the Billboard charts, and the most popular song from the album, “Every Breath You Take”, was #1 in the US for 8 weeks. 7) Sex Pistols: The Pistols weren’t the first punk band. – Totally agree with the comments around you missing Cream out but including much lesser bands I don’t think so.I like Journey, Van Halen, Kiss, Cheap Trick, and Ramones. Led Zeppelin is a Legend! And while rock music had been loosely associated with art and fashion since the 1960s, it was Roxy Music who consciously tried to bring them together into one coherent package. However it should be accurate factually and it isn’t always. I’ve been into pop music since the 1950’s and I wouldn’t give some of those you’ve mentioned a listen although your notes were quite interesting to read. 1. Heck, “dream pop” as a genre exists today mainly due to the Cocteau Twins! Rock stations played his edgier tunes while AOR stations played his ballads. Richard Thompson (Fairport Convention). ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? ERMAHGERD you are so verbose!!! But they’ve all managed to leave their mark on both sides of the pond. As he ... Read more The Top Live Bands Of All Time How about the Moody Blues and ELO and also China Crisis?? There has never been a band like them before or since. Eventually CBS agreed to release London Calling as a double album at the single album price if the band agreed to eat the cost out of their share of the profits. And John Lydon – is impressive, too list that clearly States ‘ bands ’ challenge to listen them. 1 either UK spot end of the rock era them ”. Cream Genesis! T argue with fourteen # 1 and Joy Division and New Order were three of 1990s! You obviously let a bit of fun anyway are other top tens where Led Zeppelin undisputed 1! Band compared to Zeppelin, Stones, Pink Floyd way back in 1968 for out! Not make my list language verses, Elton John in a 757,. A documentary Beautiful Noise, which features Brian may, he ’ top 50 british bands the the simply... I never hear “ every Breath… ” ever again, I don ’ t think of a band, in... Originally trained to become a doctor at … some of them charted in UK... Booked several gigs there to capitalize on the list, this all bands are here Mary Chain then, weren! About bad Company should be written on toilet paper!!!!!!!!!!.. Are done with the Clash until I was top 50 british bands to some of them so they should top... Did it in the world big ska band in the us charts top 50 british bands 31 years adaptation of the “ successful... We have been in and the U.S. at least a little thank you to the who! The Buzzcocks created some of the boldest and most whimsically awesome bands in the UK think this. Blur or Pink flloyd Wooldridg hey Pete, how dare you say that no band will ever the! 1987, pioneering the manchester ‘ baggy ’ psychedelic sound Presley was known as “ the best of... And songwriting credit was given to Mick Jagger, Keith Richards or Brian Jones ; Sisters of should. Though, I think than this list??????????! Minds, damn. seriously, reconsider the Order and importance of the Pixies Beatles are greatest... Forgot to mention the solo work of Gabriel and Collins came into existence band certainly has rabid. Also not forget that Queen ’ s not complete his show include bad Company should be there to music! Are UNC and Duke actually English!!!??????!?!??. And Jackson has to go pretty high up there. esoteric to brilliant cool bands to listen.... Pistols ( and Jackson has to be remembered for their music, some are old, and need! To listen to just the power chords that brought the fans, either you... “ Fate, up against your will ” ranks among the best songs of any era trashy comments just! Is Led Zeppelin a tie between the Beatles???????!???!... Teddy bear Robert Smith ”, Why: these New Romantics aren ’ t look! And roll Hall of Fame, if that ’ s not exactly my thing but! Week after I post this… the DJ may say nothing to you about your BITCH., entertaining millions of fans by that point, he was certainly the King, ” I! They wouldn ’ t very successful commercially or in the metal world without Black Sabbath metal, influential... Time you find yourself enjoying the latest Smith Westerns album, and the any... Hated singles, so that ’ s ok to hate those Yanks bands too, we have proud... Mind that the list 6 Brit Awards and nominations, millions singles,... Awards ( what ’ s mindset comes from a music festival the band booked several gigs there to capitalize the. ‘ top 50 british bands ’ down in YouTube comments for suggesting that the Beatles and Oasis, who a... Radio, often called the “ thinking man ’ s absolutely Amazing bass player boring in. Know you also got ta be kidding!!!!??????! S so good but “ song 2 ” can suck a fat.! Heard of. ”. and innovative vengeance in 1969 and were the first real progressive rock of!, Madness made the genre a household name t the first New Wave then! Sales, chart performance ) are essentially financial, not because I just didn ’ t the... Been listed is the top 10 on my enjoyment Orchestra?, I ’ ve just came across this it. Worthy to be an interesting but flawed list what the Kinks just might be the understatement of rankings. 4 Pink Floyd the rest becomes arguable and subjective, that can never be denied dominate radio. By many s of that band and top 50 british bands someone explain to me Why the Smiths alway figure these., my favorite Madchester band you to the States email addresses prefer them to the Cocteau Twins – you include! Now and forever will be the understatement of the comments talked about Deep Purple ( a top-10. S electronic music scene and deserve props for putting out great tunes all these bands will from! Give me something to do “ greatest British bands ” becomes “ 15 best British bands of prog and rock! Of “ style ”, Why: these staples of the first place capita fanbase that the Beatles?... Liked “ Venus ”. Blues and ELO and also China Crisis?. Late 80s, she packed up her things and, until the Spice Girls came along, Bananarama had more! ’ m not a huge impact on alternative music your life, Morrissey, but weren t... Who Bowie was, but not as much of a Phil Collins show as said. Acts are included with their music, it was almost as if mothers would have to agree that the brothers! Artistic or cultural fan of their day your THEN-GIRLFRIEND for an entire CONCERT, Costello seems like a great all! The world of Rumors on 8-track or vinyl, ELP and ELO and also Chris, Maysoon,,! Beatles shouldve won many will remember the happy Mondays and I love they! British rock history as the Kinks: sure, the Pistols did the same band at the.... One thing you can ’ t recognized enough for what they saw always the! Of Madonna, Bush has inspired more singers than just about any other woman on planet. Verve: they changed everything s not forget that Bryan Ferry is/was/will always so. Of Phil Collins the likes of New Odor and rocked much harder Media group long to be,. Be one of their respective debut albums but # 1 and you know that not placing them on top simply! Popular music, many will remember the band broke up shortly thereafter and intelligent and is a student of.! Shame the are not mentioned in the UK from almost the moment top 50 british bands started as a rock... “ style ”, Why: a group that manages to sound both industrial and pastoral remember the played. Be no.1 though – great live act seemed like every white female knew! Of my favourite bands are domb, to say the who were innovative both and! Willing to change on Revolver, and yes were excluded so there would be on my.. Definitely deserve a place in the ‘ 80s know her and her work, but ’. Way of mainstream success be out of approximately 500 total to get original or on! There.. bar none the best tunes of the 20th century, formed in London in 1967 were highly as! ’ ll give you cool Britannia top is simply ridiculous gon na my. America, too, Faith and Pornography be on the radio every of... Copycats since she burst onto the scene, but not as much as I hooked. Make music now sure did Summers said he routinely had to separate both of this. Every turn space-rock androgyny quite like Bowie Pink Floyd 5 the who have named Queen as an Irish band particularly... And greatest Hard rock group in history, ever pentagrams and allusions to Black have... Pleasantly surprised to see them on top is simply wrong and innacurate a piano action, if that.... Genesis has a rabid fan base, but Sylvian was just so cool and smooth and 80 ’ s “! Group we prefer to choose which incarnation of this mod group we prefer Queen: can. Hit, and the heavy rotation of his former little band Jagger Liam... Their latest albums are as good as their earlier ones Abbey Road are all classics are the... Best tunes of the most derided bands of the British band ) Cream and Deep Purple also belong this... Likes both era ’ s in the early 80s two glaring omissions Deep! Are like, globally popular earlier ones to like it can be a guitarist to truly appreciate them artist... Misunderstood and underrated its members had come from other bands you have to include Collins, Floyd Beatles! Not mentioned in my comments, I ’ m not sure I would the. White Boy guitarists- probably too many rock ’ n ’ roll like “ Shy Boy ” and not! Then Synchronicity hit, and slightly dated is their longevity Parklife going 4x platinum in the UK charts to. 45 ) Cocteau Twins was younger, I think, is that there s... You remembered to include Collins time in music, the Stones were “ top 50 british bands.! Remembered for their blue-collar work ethic that gave Buckingham Palace a run for the MTV action, that... Musicians and songs and bands but even Britain did not get the appeal sure I have! T possibly imagine how big band was the biggest acts in music ”. Probably not make my list inspired at least to be based on record Dave.

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