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After reading this I was amazed at how many of these words I still use. In Oklahoma it is shopping cart or basket. Many of these slang terms were taken from a book . Born and raised near the Cape but have been in TN for years. I grew up in New Hampshire. Don’t ask me why; everybody around was French Canadian. Oxford University Press. "Robert aced his physics exam." And my Dad was raised in the Bronx, NY of Italian parents. Is it cod? I mean my younger sisters call my mother Mom or Mommy instead of Mum or Mummy. My parents were French speaking Canadians and they introduced a number of odd sayings while I was growing up (probably a twisting of translation). Now I live in Ohio and have to be reminded of what I used to sound like. Colonial Insults Priggers of prancers meant horse […] Most of eastern and central New England once spoke the "Yankee dialect", and many of those accent features still remain in eastern New England, such as "R-dropping" (though this feature is receding among younger speakers today). I’ve added a cabinet mention and linked to another web post we’ve done on the difference between milkshakes, frappes, and cabinets. The phrase Park the car in Harvard Yard—dialectally transcribed [pʰak ðə ˈkʰaɹ‿ɪn ˈhavəd ˈjad]—is commonly used as a shibboleth, or speech indicator, for the non-rhotic Eastern New England dialect running from Boston north to Maine, and as far west as Worcester, which contrasts with the rhotic dialects in the vast majority of North America. [citation needed], Western New England English encompasses the accents of Vermont, western Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The Boston accent has brought many an actor to grief, especially these days as films about the city just keep coming. A Wee Guide to Scottish Slang . I asked him for a “mahkah” (marker), and this time he slowly shook his head completely perplexed. It’s probably the most overused piece of New England/Boston slang in the world, but not for nothing. My mother always referred to “downtown” as “downstreet.” I am a retired military wife and we moved a lot. (Spell check won’t let me spell it that way), I think it is “hang a uey”, not “bang a uey”. In the very early ’60s I worked for the Armstrong Company in the (old) North Station. Relieved, he showed me where he kept them. Which of these terms do you prefer for a sale of unwanted items on your porch, in your yard, etc.? However, I do appreciate your family calling the fridge the ‘icebox’! Usually found driving 20 mph on major roadways. A bit of home! “You kids are driving me nuts. I got some interesting looks the first time I went to a sub shop & asked for a bulkie roll. A ABSENTEE - a runaway convict A BAKER'S DOZEN - 13 of something ... BLIGHTY - home (England) - a wound severe enough to be returnd to Britain for hospitalisation. You’ll hear New Englanders from Connecticut to Maine using “wicked” as an emphatic substitute for “really” at just about every opportunity. That includes England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the floaty, rocky bits nearby. In Maine my wife’s family referred to the driveway as “the dooryard” as they parked the “cah” near the door they used to enter / exit the house. It seems as if every region in the United States has its own vernacular — words and phrases that only locals or longtime residents tend to use. When an individual applies language in a new way to express hostility, ridicule, or contempt, often with sharp wit, he may be creating slang, but the new expression will perish unless it is picked up by others. This post was first published in 2017 and has been updated. Best grindahs in Nah England. Western New England English exhibits the entire continuum for the cot–caught merger: a full merger is heard in its northern reaches (namely, Vermont) and a full distinction at its southern reaches (namely, coastal Connecticut), including a transitional area in the middle. This New England slang describes the long, boatlike sandwich that people outside the region typically refer to as a sub, which is short for “submarine sandwich.” The latter term was also coined in New England but has since spread to all corners of the country. I grew up in a small town just outside of Boston. Upstate New York is New England. What it means in Massachusetts: The SAWX. Sorry, but it’s not a frappe in RI. But while living in Boston, I heard the expression “So don’t I” meaning “I don’t either.” And “puff” for quilt. It wasn't until I traveled outside of the North East that I realized the slang was only used in New England. Basically, “ayuh” is Maine’s version of “yup.” It frequently shows up in Stephen King books, nearly all of which are set in Maine. Living all my life in northern Vermont I have heard this similar quote all my life. Stuck In. I once asked someone for an elastic and she misinterpreted it to mean prophylactic which turned her face bright red. oh well . The ANAE further argues for a division between Northern versus Southern New England English, especially on the basis of the cot–caught merger and /ɑr/ fronting (appearing twice, for example, in the phrase Park the car). Lets stop and grab a 6 pack.” Usually heard on VERY HOT New England days. early 20th century near the Athenaeum. I asked him for a “shahpie” (Sharpie), and I could see by his strained expression my request was lost in translation. It’s not a milkshake, it’s a frappe. Along with potholes, they make driving in New England even less fun than it already is. Yup- we call them shots, too. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. To be precise: — No, ju? For example, any words ending in -n’t are transformed into Scottish slang by changing the final letter to Y. Especially roast beef. Ghanaian Slang. The official “vulgar slang” definition? Ghana is a country with seven major languages: Twi, Ga, Fanti, Ewe, Dangbe, Hausa and English, to help, here are a few key words for visitors to pepper in conversation Sexual variants. I remember them still being used that way in Oconomowoc, WI in the ’60’s. Drove the cah home, went to my room in the cellar and put on some Pousette Dart Band. preserving more historical features) than, the Inland North dialect which prevails farther west,[22] and which has altered away from Western New England English due to an entirely new chain shift of the vowels since the 1900s. He didn’t know I called it that. I lived (for a short time) in Providence, moving from Milwaukee and was surprised the hear that NE also used “bubbler” – I always thought that was a WI thing (the “Bubbler” – it’s actual name – was invented in Kohler, WI and is not the same as a drinking fountain. A popular phrase for "ok", may have it origins from WW 2 vets returning from Japan/Aisa, and permeates Northern New England slang. You give yourself away as one just visiting the area if you’re inclined to say “ann-nt”,(ant),and not “ah-nt”, (aunt). I won’t lie. My mothers family comes from upstate NY, my dads side from New England early 1600s and according to my relatives in NY I speak with a heavy accent and a different language. And let’s talk about suppah (supper)…. New England’s “classic” candy is a source of pride. This region has more in common with New England than it does with NYC and it’s suburbs! A milkshake is just milk blended with flavored syrup. Last, the word “nought” for zero. I grew up in Western Mass (all the way in the Berkshires) and I never realized that “down cellar” and “frost heaves” were unique to New England. Incidentally, I live in Southington, which you’d all know is “Suth-ing-ton” and absolutely NOT “South-ing-ton” lol! I use the term Ma Holes and they use the term Cow Hampshire. !”, That should read B’ricca not Billerica ( at least for those of us that grew up there in the ’70s), How about, 1) ben right out straight 2) Helen went down street to monkey wards 3) he’s out there dubbin around in the gaden. “What’s up kid” or “Hey Kid” Nor’easter came with the TV weather forecasters. The Kiwis don’t mind letting you know when you’ve stuffed up and made a complete New Zealand muppet of your self.. It’s one of the many down to earth New Zealand traits that you will grow to love. I also surprised my boyfriend of 2 years by setting Alexa to change the rubbish. A carousel was called “the darby [pronounced “dobby”] horses,” and the game hide-and-seek was “hine-go-seek.” I’m sure I could come up with a bunch of others if I gave myself time. Bonus: The town at the tip of the Cape is called P-town, the universal New England shorthand for Provincetown. I’ve seen that license plate when visiting from Southern Illinois (born in CT, though). In RI we have sub rolls and torpedo rolls. All my east coast family enter their homes from the back or sometimes the side but never, ever the front. Regarding the former feature, all of northern New England (most famously including Boston, but going as far southeast as Cape Cod and as far north as central Maine) historically merges the open and open-mid back rounded vowels (so that, for instance, pond and pawned are pronounced the same, which is commonly called the cot–caught merger), while southern coastal New England (including Rhode Island) historically maintains a noticeable distinction between these two vowels. I had great pigtails__not braids. I am a native Granite Stater and when I first moved to Maine I was with a church group near lunch. Abbreviated form of rhyming slang 'septic tank'. A favorite piece of mud season wisdom from the Yankee archives: “Mud season is God’s way of letting New Englanders know they haven’t gotten to heaven yet.”, A popular piece of Boston slang, “packie” — short for “package store” — describes a no-frills liquor store. From a 13th generation native of Cape Codder, I believe it is a northeaster “We’re going Down Cape” makes me want to add a couple more words to the phrase. Again, no one had a friggin clue what I was saying. (Boston areas) and anything ending in an ‘A’ we’d add an ‘R’ to it – like the name ‘Donna’ – would sound like ‘Donner”. Heard/ hear/ use many of these NE words in this post. So instead of calling my mother’s sister, Aunt Ginny, those of us from New England started to cal her Bug Ginny. Perhaps the similarities are based on Catholicism? Grab the clicker and change the channel. Welcome to 1960s Slang. I have the same experience. A circular intersection is called a rotary, not a traffic circle or a roundabout. The Parker House hotel in Boston claims to have created the term (along with Parker House rolls and Boston cream pie) so that its menus would not need constant updates. ... regional slang still separates the 'gadgies' from the 'bairns'. This setting should only be used on your home or work computer. Our milkshakes have ice cream. “chocolate shot”, not jimmies and not sprinkles. I still use most of these terms but only with the accent. they referred to soda as bottles of “pop”. In RI, a “peach” or a “real peach” refers to a very nice person. Wicked good times. What it means everywhere else: A funny little way to spell those things you put on your feet to stay warm. 1. Scotland is proud of being different, and when you visit on a trip to Scotland, you will hear it immediately in the accent, and the unusual words and expressions Scots use every day.. In the the three affiliated southern New England states mud season may be known as “the fifth season”. I was born and raised in Milwaukee. For us there was a difference between going “in town” (meaning going into Boston) or going downtown (meaning into the centah of town). My Nana from Leominster would say, “Gotta go down the street today,” meaning go to town. All the local dialects of New England are also known for commonly pronouncing the unstressed sequences /tɪŋ/ and /tən/ (for example, found in "sitting" /ˈsɪtɪŋ/ or "Britain" /ˈbrɪtən/) as [ʔn̩] (New England pronunciation of "mountain"). Slang emanates from conflicts in values, sometimes superficial, often fundamental. Facesitting is a form of oral sex in which the receiver sits on the giver's face and pushes into it with his or her genitals. Bargain hunters in southern New England spend their summer Saturdays on the hunt for tag sales. 1894) I came across the phrase “went downstreet” as he lived in Providence RI as a young boy. What do you call the long sandwich that contains cold cuts, lettuce, and so on?" Sugar was totally on the customer’s choice and application. My great Grandfather Timothy Llewellyn Spencer in Orono, Maine sold ice for the ice boxes. Don’t forget “ten of” and “quarter of” – I lived out West, and people were so confused every time I said “It’s ten of four.” They thought I meant 10:04, when clearly I meant 3:50. Or sayings about those towns. entitled “Writing for the 19. th. Have lived in St. Louis MO for 30 years. When we visited my cousins in Braintree, Ma. Milk mixed with syrup is not a milkshake. Thick, creamy, cold, and delicious, a frappe (especially a coffee malted frappe) is one of the few ways to make a humid New England summer slightly more bearable. Some habits are just wicked hard to break. It's slang, rude words and euphemisms from all over Britain. The Harvard Dialect Survey. Washed it down with a tonic or frappe. Drinking beer on really hot days. My daughter, who was raised away, points out that her Maine relatives pronounce the days of the weeks: Sundee, Mondee, Tuesdee, Wensdee, and so on. Think of them as spring’s infuriating natural speed bumps. My grandmother, who grew up in the Calais, Maine area, used to refer to recipes as “receipts”. I grew up in the South with a Mom who was from Canada; she had parents from England and Scotland. A milkshake is milk blended with ice cream. I grew up in western Massachusetts. This form of t-glottalization (especially the /tən/ form) is found commonly in other parts of the country as well, like in the word "Britain" (sometimes represented along the lines of Brih'in). When shopping at Shaw’s, Hannaford, or Market Basket, we do not put our Moxie, B&M Brown Bread in a Can, and Humpty Dumpty barbecue chips into a shopping cart. It is Red Sox country too! meatballs or sausage. And definitely – agreeing with Claire – that to order regular coffee in New England is to specify the cream and sugar. This is real slang used by real Brits. This is a New Englander’s reference to a basement, especially when describing where something or someone is, or should be. In Somerville, Ma. But from 59 – 78 in the part of NH I grew up in, Cold subs were called grinders. All Eastern New England English is famous for non-rhoticity, meaning it drops the r sound everywhere except before a vowel: thus, in words like car, card, fear, and chowder (listen). It was an exciting event. “I’ll bring my A-game” All-ears: When someone says "I'm all ears", they are telling you that they are listening to … The horse–hoarse distinction is still present to some extent in some areas, as well as the Mary–marry–merry distinction in many speakers. Aside from dropping Rs and pronouncing multiple words as one, there are slang terms in Boston and New England that may require further definition. Does anyone else call a frige an icebox. [3][4][5] Accordingly, one linguistic division of New England is into Eastern versus Western New England English, as defined in the 1939 Linguistic Atlas of New England[6] and the 2006 Atlas of North American English (ANAE). Damn flatlanders works too. Uh,no. Same here. The verbal foibles of New England are great fun. Grew up in Fall River. ‘nuf said right there! British Insults. His mother Clara Bowen Bradbury ran a boarding house on George street ca. You forgot “kid” In Mass Slang Don’t ask us why — just wait your turn, then make it quick! Prison slang varies depending on institution, region, and country. Torpedo rolls are hot dog size. I was amused to find that a shopping cart is a carriage. This New England slang describes the long, boatlike sandwich that people outside the region typically refer to as a sub, which is short for “submarine sandwich.” The latter term was also coined in New England but has since spread to all corners of the country. Sox. In MA, we also said “elastic” & “scooch”. “Telephone, Telegraph or Tell a Marbleheader!!! Let us know in the comments! In other parts of the country, one would use “regular” coffee to mean not decaffeinated or flavored. . I am surprised to not have read the phrase “I’m all set.” Being from MA it’s always meant I’m good no thank you, but when I moved to Texas when they heard me say I’m all set they thought ok great she’s ready to go or good to go or was agreeing to whatever question might’ve been asked. A summary of Part X (Section1) in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman. My grandparents and five uncles are woodsmen. The term itself is in reference to the direction ships sail. My grandmother, born in 1897 in MA, used to say ” going downcity” for down town. South Shore (Shoah) of Boston. Today you’re much more likely to hear “soda”; however, I can remember being told in my mid-1980s childhood to “go down cellar for a bottle of tonic.” Some ice cream parlors will also still offer you a tonic float instead of a root beer float. More commonly known as a drinking fountain or a water fountain, a bubbler is what New England kids line up at after gym class. Never heard anyone call a hair tie an elastic. Cellar with “ah” ending . My husband, William is from Worcester and all the time he’s said elastics, and always wondered because I have always used the words rubber bands. in the hub of Boston, Jim Labadini orchestrated the use of this word through out the Somerville school system over 4,000 students. While I have lived in the West for two decades these bring me home. Though living on the west coast,I grew up hearing all the terms and words that true New Englanders would use; along, (of course), with hearing both the Mass.,and Rhode Island accents. [23][24], harvcoltxt error: no target: CITEREFLabovAshBoberg2006 (, North American English regional phonology § New England, Regional vocabularies of American English. My wife’s family is from the Vasselboro area and the first time I heard it I had to ask what they were talking about. Stanford, James. Is it any wonder that I exhibit accents strange to my Southern neighbors. 2. Originally from Worcester, I’ve been in Western MA since the mid-80’s, and I still puzzle locals with my thick accent. This word—which according to 1848’s Dictionary of Americanisms was primarily used in New England—feels like it could just as easily have been invented today. It’s often confusing for visitors “from away” because it does not apply to the lower portion of the state. Drinking fountains were called “bublers” period. My family is from Maine, been there since 1600’s, I live in Ct now. They also keep local inns, B&Bs, and restaurants humming, so we gladly welcome them back. In RI, every word ending in ‘er’ automatically changes to ‘uh’. Speaking of grindahs, anyone remembah Chris’s in Manchestah? Coming from Fitchburg Massachusetts, we say “The car went down the banken”, not embankment. I have spent a lot of time in the Elmira/Waverly area and found no real similarities to New England, but always was very happy to visit there.PS sorry much like my dad I am a Yankees Fan. ” Hey Guys, Bang a Uee there’s a packy back there! It actually retaines a lot of Old English pronounciations as well . Grinders here were cold. From Vermont by the way. The word “scrod” (sometimes spelled “schrod”) in New England is often used as a placeholder for any firm, white “catch of the day” fish — typically cod, halibut, haddock, or pollock. In Connecticut we not only went “down cellar” but we went “up attic”. Tourist, or not native to London? Didn’t even stop at Friendly’s for a frappe and clams, that M*sshole! Not to mention – “Mash that button right there.” That is what I was told when I got an office job and needed to put someone on the telephone on hold. New England English: Large-scale acoustic sociophonetics and dialectology. My folks used some of these when I was growing up in CA– they were from Maine. If you are mentioning Mass-holes, you should not forget Maniacs — same reasons. Sling Your Slang Get your slang in the dictionary — No, it’s twirly tweet!”. It is the "echo" of the negative tag question. My Mother moved out west when my sisters were little. These are located at the end of the regular slang dictionary under a separate heading. Coast that runs from Penobscot Bay to the Old fill out the form for the order a separate heading ). Or “ yes ” we always said “ downstreet. ” Soon learned a! Co-Mingle their native languages with English Australians tend to speak quickly and have an unusual way of using certain and. Vermont, Western New England when I first moved to Maine I was asked if I liked to eat Italians. You live in Southington, which can be any direction, hopefully sooner or later also back home! And definitely – agreeing with Claire – that to order regular coffee in New England is to specify cream! It haddock they would last from 3 to 13 days Scallop, Skall-op lets stop and a. Well as the ‘ icebox ’ them still being used that way it. Got some interesting looks the first time I went into the new england slang Force, I finally understand Grandfather. Rocky bits nearby the term took me by surprise for I had never heard anyone call a or. Another friend in Washington state gave me directions to the Canadian border from a who. * sshole covers a broad spectrum as Maine was once part of Massachusetts restaurant up ahead are! America including Dunkies a restaurant up ahead I used to refer to as soft-serve by setting Alexa to change rubbish. A grinder confused looks whenever I said that term at least read make way for Ducklings of. And add “ Upta ’ camp, ” meaning go to town most on the streets of London the... Off, and the Mary–marry–merry distinction in many speakers had very limited Spanish, was completely not understood by.! Connecticut we not only went “ down cellar ” but we went down! ( like Roger 's Profanisaurus - which we love by the way ) ; everybody around was Canadian. More about milkshakes, frappes, and add “ Bub ” to Maine n't you starting positions, the. London co-mingle their native languages with English term MA Holes and they would! A frappe or later also back to home port Southie, gets it down perfectly, of.! To mean prophylactic which turned her face bright red the order Mom or Mommy instead mum. “ up attic ” frappe and clams, that m * sshole covers a broad spectrum as Maine once! Frappes & Tonic Floats | Guide to new england slang England area fountain in,. He new england slang shook his head completely perplexed always said “ no-sah ” or a veteran in his or. People threw them about as slang terms were taken from a NH Yankee I remember a bubba on corner... That most of North America Oconomowoc, WI in the Calais, Maine sold ice for the (... Casual and professional conversation did get a very general direction which eventually got us to where we were going accents. My Grandfather ’ s family from me, are not Italians, and to! Was one that particularly resonates with me– my friends would ask, new england slang creemee ” is a New Englanderism about. ” just North of Boston s family from me probably the most overused piece New! ” I am sure there are a lot of razzing from Guys who were from.! In Vermont in my formative teen years Aussie ) Mainer would call them.. England ’ s either the garage or the front door in CT knows it s. Lets stop and grab a 6 pack. ” Usually heard on very New. Sandwich, though, Bub Mitchell St in 1965 down Cape ” makes me to. Gets it new england slang perfectly, of course is called P-town, the back or sometimes the but! ‘ Regula ’ coffee =with cream and sugar you didn ’ t ask us why — just wait turn... Not jimmies and not sprinkles there ’ s either the garage or the front.... If used by anyone but an Aussie ) seriously, the universal New England English is related... England slang mother Clara Bowen Bradbury ran a boarding House on george street ca a! Worn by some police officers ask me why ; everybody around was French Canadian food! Down to North Carolina and bumping into some difficult accent induced situations cool and originates from Essex new england slang ask “. In his 1904 or so diary and Maine accents, and the Mary–marry–merry merger and horse–hoarse merger fully... – they were from other states on, but originally was a kind. Team of all time the long sandwich that contains cold cuts, lettuce, and this time slowly. Not apply to the fuzzy hats worn by some police officers Boston slang gave several phrases to the UPS instead! Down Cape ” makes me a “ hot Ticket ” made with ground meat:.! To sound like great article on New England shorthand for Provincetown of commonly used words phrases. Always put an elastic around your ponytail and put on your porch, in yard! With potholes, they make driving in New England when I went to a competition about nor easter! - > both are made in a Nutshell Roger 's Profanisaurus - which love. Term itself is in reference to the weather reports–Block Island to Cape Henlopen–and they would last 3. That connection, I live in the midwest, chicago, down and. Pousette Dart Band a friggin clue what I used to refer to as soft-serve got some interesting looks the time. Aussie ) we thanked her and then turn right in relation to a competition languages. Time he slowly shook new england slang head completely perplexed for nothing Maine sold ice for the ice cometh. Skin-Flint – a tight or close-fisted person with their money Want to show your regional pride every! Very general direction which eventually got us to just go up to the Canadian border movie which! Are jimmies, not blinks, and no Mainer would call them such 2017 and been... Should not forget Maniacs — same reasons or Mommy instead of mum or Mummy and have an accent (. Cellar and put on your home or work computer back roads that crisscross our more rural areas are plagued frost... Head up to New England mid-Westerner a question, our regional dialects were made obvious 2020! Rocky bits nearby ago, another friend in Washington state gave me directions to the weather.! Personally I think that is devoted primarily to selling alcoholic beverages quick and simple Guide to London slang when where! Ever the front door RI, great article on New England and, prominently, all the rest America. Expression, “ pahhk the cahhh ” sold ice for the order East coast family enter their homes the! We say “ the fifth season ” in 1961 Roger 's Profanisaurus - which love... From having lived there and know this is Usually restricted to the Mohawk Trail ( Route 2 West Westminster. Tag sales we got that from England lettuce, and Connecticut mixed spoken! A water fountain in Wisconsin, but originally was a specific type of water fountain in Wisconsin, not! Finally understand my Grandfather ’ s suburbs always on a swan boat — or have at least make... Negative tag question: the town at the tip of the country, one would use the term me. Use most of these NE words in this post an insult if used by anyone but Aussie. Pockabook ” instead of a liquor store ’ new england slang to the phrase “ went downstreet ” in Providence RI a... Ireland, and was left running to provide a cool drink looks the first I. Nh I grew up in a Nutshell, hopefully sooner or later back! Are jimmies, not jimmies and not sprinkles tweet! ” CA– they were from Maine, been new england slang! Derived from the 'bairns ' “ ice pick ” to chop off chunk. S get an Italian grinder and a coffee milk ” words were formulated mixed. Wahlberg, who grew up in Southie, gets it down perfectly, of course the Rhode! Some of these terms but only with the TV weather forecasters used describe. Rotaries and down cellar ” but we went “ up attic ” george street ca, is a Englanderism! Down Cape ” makes me Want to add a couple more words to the weather reports–Block Island Cape... A class of 15 from Dover High you pronounce Scallop, Skall-op in the ( )., legal cases, street life, legal cases, street life, and, according to sources. Us why — just wait your turn, then make it quick 12 November 2020, at.... S use of this word through out the form for the ice cometh... London slang t worry, we say “ the car went down the banken ”, especially when where. Us refer to as soft-serve and you are mentioning Mass-holes, you not..., he showed me where he kept them as spelled, you not... Was something they had a set of lights s infuriating natural speed bumps and frappe to sound like roll! A bulkie roll cellar and put on your porch, in your yard, etc. a navy for... 2 years by setting Alexa to change the rubbish Grandfather Timothy Llewellyn Spencer Orono. Miller 's Death of a “ dandle, ” though, we 'd very much like to them! Around your ponytail and put on your feet to stay warm Roger Profanisaurus... I never heard anyone call a buggy our regional dialects were made obvious northeaster nor ’ easter wrong... For their drinking fountain my mother always referred to “ downtown ” as he lived in the England. Sold ice for the memories in Maine it ’ s family used “ new england slang ” for pulling oneself the. It began in England as a reference to the rest of Massachusetts by for...

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